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When I was in the game yesterday there was a "pink" guy showing up in chat (Cryptic staff, GM, Dev or similar for those that dont know what a pink guy is).

He was asking how many would like Open PvP in the Neutral Sector.

Most including me replies yes.

He/she then said he would forward the message of our voices to the powers above him.

Afterwards I was thinking, how would it really work ???

Would it be like Deep space encounters ??? As soon as some jumps You then You get dragged into an instance and pretty much isolated from the rest. So if lets say 3 cloaked Klingons jumps a fed then that fed will end up alone in an instance against them. Not exacylt my idea of Open PvP or fun. Not even if I was on my Klingon character.

The whole idea of open PvP is that its truly open, even if its in a restricted zone/area. That means if I fly by and see 3 klingons beating up on one of my federation allies I will quickly attack the Klingons and help my ally. The same if I play my Klingon and see feds attacking another klingon.

If I need to fly around and read info and chance on going into an instance (like deep space encounters it wouldn't be the same and would probably take too long and the fight would be over before anyone else can jump in too.

Not sure how open PvP can ever be implemented in a so instanced system/game like STO ???

Only way I see it is that we can acctually fight on whats today is called "Sector Space" without being sucked into an instance. Not even sure if thats doable/possible.

I have no idea how this engine works technically but would be interested to hear how "open PvP" in the neutral zone would acctually be implemented.

I'm really for open PvP in the neutral sector but only if it truly is open and really works to be fun. Not just packs of cloaked ships jumping solo players that can't sneak/cloak around and drag them into instances to simply p0wn them. It must be thorougly thought through and implemented in a good way.

Also the advantage of Klingons being able to fly around cloaked in packs and jump any fed without feds having much to counter that or any cloak ships would probably make klingons so OP it would stop any fed from going there. The
"pink" guy said he had ideas about some buoys or sattelite network that prevented or detected cloaks. He/she also added that Klingons should be able to fire from cloak but alot weaker attacks ala General Chang style or something like that. Sounds interesting.
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06-17-2010, 04:11 AM
I would say, see Pirates of the Burning Sea. That is basically how it would have to work. You see ship on map... you close range and within proper limits, you hit say... spacebar. You attack and it draws you into an instance. That would be open pvp.

In my world, it would be objective based. IE groups of players fight over control of a planet's area space. Loser gets pushed back and has to defend their territory or starbase from ground assault. If they succeed, they can try and break out in space again... if not... repeat ad nauseum... aka Siege Warfare.

The whole point being to control the territory in the neutral zone. Those who have more territory get access to something special like a STF or something. Perhaps instead give them bonuses to XP/Merit gain or medalso f valor. I dunno. Something like that.

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