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# 1 A couple of suggestions
06-17-2010, 05:35 AM
Can you please change it so that we can name our alien creations with an actual species name? This was mentioned before the game came out and i know it was going to be linked so that other people could create the same alien as you. If that has been dropped cab we at least have the option to change the word alien.

For example I have made a Cardassian for my main but my status reads alien male. it cant be that difficult to let us change the word 'alien' to what we want?

Also can we have a button that reproduces our captain uniform for our BO's, so instead of having to manually change each one when we get them?
I know you can save uniform designs but as far as I know it only saves it per species. So if you save a uniform on a Gorn character that you saved you can only load it onto another Gorn. As most people tend to have each BO's a different race it does not help very much. (unless Im missing something)

Another part of this which I know has been mentioned before is to have our NPC crew also have a tailor option uniform so that we can customize them how we want.

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