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06-17-2010, 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by Badlander View Post
I just did a match and asked the guy why when he was in trouble he did not use RSP. He replied what is RSP? OMG, RA lvl and did not know what RSP was!!! I told him what it was and he said he did not even know it was in the game. How in the heck can you be RA 5 and not know what RSP is?

So i started asking him some other questions... all i can say is a ROLF with a sad note. He was tact escort... using beam overload 1 in both spots, no rappid fire AT ALL and to top it off he was all cannons and did not know that beam overload did not work with cannons!

PPL, PLZ PLZ learn to play as you lvl. I don't even know how the heck he made it to RA 5 doing even PVE.

Maybe he was playing on friends, brothers or someone elses account and did not even lvl that char himself.
Well in his defense, its not like STO has a really good game manual or much of any material to help the new players in learning how things work or where things are.
Its was a huge complaint in beta and what spawned the "where's Sulu" joke.
Given how easy things can be in STO, I have no problems imagining that some players have made it to endgame and still haven't seen half of what STO offers.

Still I would have spotted myself if it had happened to me.

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