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# 1 2 Little Bugs that i've Got
06-19-2010, 02:52 AM
Well one is very annoying the other is just a visual pass that may only affect me

First off i'm a LtC 3 now but when i was in the Lt ranking whenever i wanted to alter my ship the maximum zoom was miles away from the screen...
i could barely seen the ship
(this is in the ship yard in SOL)

The other is a mission
The Differcult Decision mission where you have to talk to the Chief Medical officer in Sol.
I cannot drop the mission to restart it nor can i find an option within in the chat with the CMO...

i've reported the 2nd one a few times and awited for GM help for over 4 hours last night...

they're not game breakers just though i'd let the Dev Team know


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