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06-19-2010, 03:27 PM
Originally Posted by Jonathan_Kent View Post
It makes sense, most especially here where the potential for future species is more or less limitless.

If they play that up properly with lots of interesting new species additions they could make a pretty penny by offering a species change option.

On another note, faction change would be a teensy bit harder to implement in this case....
I agree, Faction change would be out of the Question I would think with STO...

But ya Cryptic wouldnt have anything to lose with adding the other Options like, Species Change and Sex Change... those 2 alone I would think would be the most used options in the C-Store

Also the creation of new Species Characters all the time would require you to delete others to make space for the new ones... let alone other characters you have for the other Factions... and some would rather stick with one Character other than making new ones all the time a new Species comes out

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