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# 1 Teh Hates!
06-21-2010, 04:25 PM

Sitting at work, messing about in the forums, like most of you.

I came from WoW. I thought those forums had some "holier then thou/Im better at forums than you/I can argue more eloquently than you" militant snobs, but it would appear that I was in error. The community expressed here in the STO Forums takes "hateful" to new levels... which is funny to me, seeing as how a percentage of those threads revolve around the "poor" service Cryptic has done with the social aspects of the game. (It is infact, the community itself that damns any notion of social-ness, with their actions.)

Players cannot be assed to speak to one another in missions. (The lame-o excuse being that you cant fly and type. Granted. But you cant battle and type in ANY mmo... people manage the niceities... sometimes.)

6,000 EC for one Meduim Hypo. LMFAO. Good luck with that one.

Thats pretty much all I logged in to say :-)
If your life revolves around outwitting, downplaying, or spinning up a random person, in a video game based forum, to the point that you will spend time researching previous threads to glean quotes from February, soley so you can thumb your digital nose at said stranger... than you seriously... seriously need to get laid.
(Here is where I dismiss your TL;DR. Obviously, you did.)
People feel ripped off about C-Store items. Thats their opinion.
You feel that you must go to the lengths of the earth, and the breadth of hell, in order to say "NO U."
Thats your pathetic obsession.

Whiskey Echo!


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