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# 1 Looking for a fleet
06-16-2010, 11:49 AM
Not entirely sure if this is the correct place to post this, but it seems to be, so I figured why not. I'm currently looking for an active role-playing fleet. Not a light role-play fleet, but a group that is grounded and attentive to the Star Trek canon and all that good stuff. I'm not very inclined to PvP, so that aspect of a fleet doesn't particularly interest me. Simply put, I'll looking for a group that can help add immersion within the game, and, beyond that, has fun both in STO and otherwise.
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# 2
06-21-2010, 03:22 AM
Welcome to the forums!

Red Squadrons would seem to fit your criteria well, we do have a laugh (even if sometimes its over something silly ^^) we do support players wanting end game PvP and PvE and RP, and with 11 years of experience, I think we're a pretty bonded fleet

We are a military styled fleet, with the Red Squadrons Taskforce serving as our Federation Fleet and the Red Squadrons Battlefleet serving for our Klingon players! And if you want to play in both, your more than welcome (we do encourage it to develop PvP tactics .

We're pretty well known around the Trek gaming community and know a lot of cool fleets whom we have a laugh with pretty often!

Check us out on

Good Luck finding what your looking for!
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06-24-2010, 02:35 PM
You might be interested in the Alpha Centauri Institute.

We are a mature, quality fleet of role-players who conduct weekly and bi-weekly story lines, plots, and side-plots. We encourage all types of RP, and usually have several mini-plots and personal stories running at any given time. We attempt to run fleet action get togethers on at least a bi-weekly basis when time permits.

While the Institute is mostly themed as a Science division, we do have a military defense section that I believe would fit with your character's background. During in-game RP events, they are usually tasked with (when the situation demands it) fleet protection and defense.

We are growing fast, and regularly have at least five to ten people online at any given time. If you'd like to see us in action, you can usually find some of us in the Lounge at Earthdock, Quark's at DS9, or Starbase 39. If you have any questions or would simply like to make contact with us, please contact either Silveda (Silveda@Quarie) or myself (Sanek@Cerebus06).

You can also find more information at our website: Our Recruiting page shows all the requirements to join us, and be sure to check out our forums - especially our Ten Forward board where we conduct our offline forum RP to get an idea of what we do, how we do it, and if it's right for you.

Thanks - and we hope to hear from you soon!
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# 4
06-24-2010, 07:25 PM
If ya want extremely casual and fun fleet, come check out AFCTF, Ten Forward's very own fleet.
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Good morning. I hope you will take a moment and consider the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet. We are a small but great and growing fleet. We are easy going, dedicated and friendly. We all come from different backgrounds and have different ways of doing things, but thatís part of what makes us great.

Anyone in our fleet is happy to help others when needed, in almost any aspect of the game. We have a fleet Ventrilo server that we use for voice chat not just in-game but also to hang out as well and get to know each other better (not required, just available). Many of us are located on the East Coast (USA) but we do have members scattered across the globe.

Although I say our fleet is dedicated, we also realize that everyone has lives as well, so therefore when you need to take the time, you don't need to be concerned about losing your position within the fleet due to RL. We do not discriminate against such things because we understand that sometimes real life issues and problems can take time to resolve, and that some time is needed to sort things out.

So please, think about joining and moving with us into 2409 armed with the best Intel, the most specific and targeted body of knowledge about STO, and a group of Fleet-mates who will be there with you in the crunch.

Live Long and Prosper! [/center]

If you or anyone else wants additional information on the [VKF] donít hesitate to contact me or any of our members.
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06-25-2010, 04:41 PM
Founded in 2408 on Starbase 500, We are a fleet that has a small amount of members--currently--looking for many more--We are compiled of people who have been in both Closed and Open beta, People who have little gaming experience, and people who have a lot, or this is their first MMO.

We are friendly, and casual, and we do not require role play but encourage it.

Our Fleet was founded on the principles that many others simply refuse to acknowledge--that every individual has an opinion, and their opinion is entitled.

We are Rogue Specter Fleet--We are members who have broken away from another Fleet during Open Beta because we simply did not thrive off of the drama that their fleet had--this is a game, and we did not want to have the drama that most MMO's experience interfere with game play.

We were founded on January 19th 2010--We have a Ventrilo Server. We Welcome opinions, and diversity--and We help our members in PvP, PvE, and other game play.

Currently we are allied with Tactical Fleet Delta and have a room in their ventrilo until we get on our feet, and we are also allied with Knight Rider Fleet.

Our Requirements to join are as follows:
- Register on the Website
- Register on Forums
- Tag Your Character on the Website and tag your ship in game with -RSF after it
- Set Up Ventrilo and Use It
- Log Onto Vent on a weekly basis, at minimum

We Welcome you to our site, and if this is something that interests you, we invite you to please join us if you want a fair, drama free, MMO Experience.

Join NOW!

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