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Lots to need for anyone to reply..just been keeping notes for a long time...

It is nice to have all these races and I hope they add all the canon races. What about their homeworlds. Do the developers intend on adding all the worlds of the canon folk types? I could name so many races that are in ST that it would seem a tough thing but would add some flavor. For heavens sake we have Ferengi but no Ferengar. We have Pakled but no homeworlds...Cat folk but no kitty planet. We have so so much potential for homworld creation I hope they do not avoide doing this. This part of the universe needs mucho work.

My opinion would be to do something like...once a month or whatever amount of time, release a homeworld and related quests to that species.......each month dedicate it to a species in general....

Make the world much larger and filled with life...allied and dangerous. It seems rather poor to release a species and not their homeworld.

Another thought would be to have a collector(hobby or past time) aka Kivas Fajo type challenge that will not be easy to complete......collect thing from around the universe...some could be easy to score but others be ultra rare and take considerable time, and credits,(good way to have a counterbalance to all the credits in the game) and can or could be traded for etc. SWG went hog wild with collections. I am all for the common easier collection quests but to have ones that would be just plain hard to get...would be something to look for as well.

And for the love of (insert your deity) please allow us to travel to cities and settlements more.......I am so tired of the cookie cutter space stations that make NO sense in their layout.

At the beginning of every ST TOS there was a small fanfare of music that would be played , in some form, throughout the whole episode......MORE music.......EQ2 put out the credits for a real symphony orchestra and i have actually been to a concert to promote MMO musical scores......more music more music....oh and more music too.

FOR THE KLINGONS...I would love to see quests that expand their sphere of control through fear and whatever else the KDF decides.......conquering of worlds........Allow a PVP battle that decides that fate of worlds in neutral type zone areas. Klingons do rely on technology like the FEDS do......maybe a militaristic version of Alpha C.

There could be a neutral zone type area with say 10 planets that could be fought for....each loss/gain would benefit its owner with a pvp bonus or penalty. MAKE the idea of control ground something more then the current PVP....The fighting could be physical and or it could be diplomacy..nothing like the Feds and Empire bartering for a planets dilithium...or favor. Please flesh out the Klingon empire.......a few light years from The K homeworld are masses of enemies......every nebula...every unexplored region....this is not very realistic for an empire that is conquering other homeworlds.....For the love of Buddah....the Feds throw all their derelicht ships in Klingons space..set up farms on asterois deep behind enemy lines....WTF!!!!!!!!!

Klingon allied races that were conquered...GORN especially...they have GORN ships as we have all come to know them playing the feds......yet Gorns are restricted to KDF ships......seems odd...Klingons would not give ships IMO to non Klingons....honor and pride of the Klingons , I think, would not allow them to fly them.

Make planets revisitable with settlements and whatnot.

I beter stop at here..I have barely touched the surface......I do not wanna overload this post though.

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