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# 1 Interesting comparison
06-26-2010, 09:37 PM
I got my LTS with STO and I've picked up some stuff off the C-store. I got 2 different chars to RA5 and started working on my third. I just really didn't feel like there was anything else to do and it was about time that I checked in on another game in which I have played and continually revisit to check in.

Logged in and started to redecorate my house with some more of the old-school rare / no longer available stuff. Made some quick cash dealing with crafters who needed some loot. Purchased a whole new set of gear and reset my talents to experience the game a bit differently. In doing so, I noticed that there were quite a few quests that I hadn't done that had really interesting background stories and were a lot of fun. I'm still finding more.

I took some in-game friends up in my ship and we walked around for a bit. Then I hopped in the pilot seat and they got on the turrets and we went around picking off low level npc ships just for fun. One person commented why my ship interior wasn't decorated and I replied that I just never got around to it. Also, I have 2 other ships that are multi-person and decorating one would limit me to only being able to launch that one. I thought about maybe doing some more asteroid mining to rake in a bit more cash and it didn't take me too long.

One day not long after going back, there was an in-game event that fired up and included lots of fun new side quests with rewards that I could use to both decorate my house(s) further, vehicles to ride around in on the ground, buff items, etc... Also had a built in scoring system and the winners of periodic time-frames got awarded new titles to display.

I found myself seamlessly and naturally rolling between PvP, PvE, making money, chatting with friends, crafting items, getting resources, exploring places I'd never been.

I came back to STO and, of course, it feels like a new game because it is. The one thing that grabbed my attention most, is that my account on the other game is due any day now to roll over on it's 6 year anniversary. When I first joined, it had already been up for several years.

Understandably, over the years there have been improvements made to the game, but I'm left wondering to myself... how could that game be almost a decade old and have all the stuff that people want to have in STO but don't? Why does STO look and feel so hollow? Was that game some kind of one-off miracle of programming? Was it a act of God that created such a feature rich environment? Was it some kind of all-star developing team that has faded into history as the greatest ever? Can nobody even create on par with something roughly 8 years old?

Or perhaps it's like going to the moon. Once it's been done, nobody else feels like there's a need to do it again.

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