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I'm remaking a thread for my Fanfic, the first was to see if anyone was even interested and really lacked any organization or flare. Now that I know I have some readers I decided to keep going with it and finished the second chapter this AM after an all-nighter. (it passed three proof reads, however I am bushwhacked from staying up that long. I'll be tweaking it later if any "Oopsies" crop up.

I'm also adding faces to the characters in the form of screen-shots and soon even fan art (when I get the time to take my drawing pad off the mothballs).

I'll try and put at least one new one up every week or so, but I am quite busy these days both with STO and real world affairs so if it's a bit late just keep the faith.

Now in new found organized awesomeness!


Episode 1: Pilot
The story begins. Fourteen relives one of her away-missions that would later turn out to be a major turning point in her career. She also makes an unexpected ally that remains with her even after their shaky truce is no longer needed.

Episode 2: Unexpected Company
Towards the end of an uneventful patrol in the B'tran Cluster, the USS Doolittle detects a derelict Borg vessel, but they aren't the only ones to do so. Everything gets complicated when the Romulans make an unexpected appearance a short time later forcing the Admiral to make a split-second choice.

Data File:

The Ship
The USS Doolittle , a Modified Maelstrom Cass, featured in this fan fiction is named for General Jimmy Doolittle. Based on the numerous exploits I had planned going into writing this story, as well as the daring and next-to-fearless crew I had imagined I personally couldn't come up with a better name to fit the ship. Combine the attitude of the crew that commands her with the flight and combat ability of an Escort and it comes together as both a tribute to am American and personal hero as well as the perfect name for the ship at the center of (mostly) all these episodes.

Pictures of the Cast
Time to put some faces to all the names in the story, at least of the main characters anyways.

Fourteen on her Bridge

Takerra, Chief Tactical Officer

Udlai, Chief Science and Medical Officer

Randy, Chief Engineer.

Hudop, First Officer.

Soibe, Pilot

Jeerin, Junior Science Officer

Beta, then Lieutenant Repth, Operations.
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06-28-2010, 07:27 AM
Reserved for more episode space in the future. I know I'll need it.

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