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Here is a wild thought I just had while thinking about the Where in the World is Carmel Santiago contests that happen over in Champs. As it is, STO just doesn't have enough social instances or locations to support contests like that. But what if...

What if you guys created a social instance for every instance in game? I'm talking about making places like all those patrol systems and mission systems and planets have a social instance.

We can all go to DS9 or Wolf 359, but why can't we go to Beytan or Regulus? They are only visitable via missions currently, so once you did the mission you can't see them again.

So the idea in short is to copy/paste the mission instances for those places and turn them into social instances, basically remove all the enemies and mission scripting so a person can go visit Beytan V even after doing that early patrol mission. Nothing would happen there obviously, like on Vulcan, nothing happens there its just a social instance, but it would be a way to massively expand the universe, and pretty much all the environmental work is already done. You just need to give people a way to visit them without having to do a mission.

A person with the mission for that place would get to see two options in sector space, it could be Social: Beytan V, and Mission: Beytan V so they can choose to go to either. Someone who has done the mission or hasn't taken the mission for the place would just get the Social: Beytan V. This would be great for roleplayers and general immersion, and definitely it would help STO feel much bigger.

I hope what I described was easy to understand.
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06-27-2010, 08:30 PM
P'jem would be nice to visit.
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06-28-2010, 09:16 AM
Originally Posted by Pansapien
P'jem would be nice to visit.
I quite agree. I also like that one Romulan planet with the orbital shield.

The Azura would be useful for RPers I'm sure, as would so many other places.

Surely there are more than two people who like the idea? Any reasons to not do it?

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