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There are quite a few of us who lost the ability to change our away team roster when it pops up during a mission. Some of us can edit the roster in assignments while others cannot. DScotty is attempting to chase it down and kill it, but may need more information to help him corral this bug. If you, too, have a character(s) who are affected by this bug, please post here with as much detail as you can:

Originally Posted by DScotty
Okay, so I've been running this one down, and I have been unable to reproduce it.

So, we're going to move this one on up and start with some troubleshooting Q & A:

1) What is your BOff setup? (IE Class, rank, powers, species)
2) Where did you acquire your BOffs? (Mission reward, purchased, Bridge Officer requisition)
3) How many BOffs do you have total?
4) Are you able to change your away team on the Away Team UI? (Bottom of the Assignments tab on the Status UI)
5) I know it's been a while (and I am sorry about that), but do you remember the mission in which you started seeing this problem?
6) For that matter, approximately what time (date) did you start seeing this? (So I can run down whether or not it's a server issue)

I think that will help me nail this thing down, but if you think you have any other additional information you think may (or even may not) be pertinent, please let me know.

Also, if you remember purchasing new skills for your BOs before it happened, be sure to include that information. A few of us have begun to include the race of our Captains, in case that has anything to do with the issue. (So far only 5 of us have sounded off on our Captains' races that I've noticed: 3 Alien and 2 Lib borgs.)

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