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# 1 Galaxy X Balance
07-02-2010, 01:50 PM
I'm sorry that alot of you seem to be complaining about Galaxy X. I see one thread about a player Civil War. I see another thread about not seeing it's use, only appearance in PvP. I'm sure we'll see half a dozen other threads regarding it. Well, this is my thread.

I unlocked the Galaxy X and went straight to Tribble. I fit it, as close to I could, to my Assault Cruiser build and well, it's about the same. It's cloaky, it has a phaser lance, but in the end, the performance is about the same.

Cloak: It's nice, but a novelty.
Phaser Lance: Tied to beam overload. Beam overload does more damage in fact.

"I do stronger hits with Galaxy X" :No, you're only burning one less weapon and not drawing down power as much, of course you'll see bigger hits.

It's more like a cross between exploration cruiser and assault cruiser than assault cruiser +, with exception of bridge officers. One could make the arguement about me using beams and not cannons on it and claim overbalance there. I still doubt it would be. In all, I applaud Cryptic for keeping this item balanced. I do hope though that the release of new ships in or after 2.0 are a bit better than Galaxy X. No, I don't want to see my $25.00 be a complete waste, but I am assuming there will be better ships for level 50+, well hoping.

Everything considered, don't buy it unless you're a true Trek fan, there's no NEED to "keep up". You're already there in your RA Assault Cruiser, minus the novelty cloak.

Edit: Oh yeah, it does 9.74 in warp instead of 9.66. Still no reason to throw your hands in the air or cause a player civil war over it.

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