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I think we all agree that the Demo is very short and many people cant decide by seeing only the first tiny mission if the game is any good.

I also would like to see better incentives for the people who accept the referal key, so they WANT to have one and i dont have to convince them by offering something else like Energy Credits or a Buddy Key's etc.

Most of them are Demo Players so my suggestion would be to tie up the Ref-Keys with 5 or 10 days full access to the game, they have to download the 10GB client anyway, so make it worth it.

OR just give us more Buddy Keys, i have given out 4 so far to people who accepted my REF Key (one 5 day that was on the homepage and 3x 10 day that came with the collectors edition).

Nobody will accept some Pyramid System refereal crap if they dont get anything usefull out of it.
The people i refered i never see playing, i think they deleted me from the friendlist imidiate so that "warp to friend" button is only good if it is one of your RL friends.

This would be good for everybody, Cryptic has a better chance to impress new players with their game, the RAF system users have a better chance getting those extra 400 C-Points and so on, the Demo Players would get some more playtime before they have to decide to buy or not to buy. So everybody is happy.

Maybe so that it doesnt get out of hand, give us just one new Buddy Key for every subscribed month so people can not go spamming them all over the place (like they did with the ref keys).

It would keep the RAF System alive over time and get the people who invited all their RL friends allready to get a better chance of participating.

Also it would be only fair if we would get 200 C-Points when our REF has "upgraded" and 200 more when "billed", instead of 400 when "billed".
I mean i can't realy do anything about it if they decide to quit (like so many before), as it is now i get nothing but cryptic got their Box sold.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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07-05-2010, 07:28 PM
I'm a fan of extending the demo to Lt. 10

Don't let them get the new ship, make em get right to the river but then hold em back makin them nice an thirsty...

Plus there are some great missions that you get after the demo period...heck just limit them to the Sirius Sector and Lt. 10...problem solved...

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