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# 1 Clueless GM Customer Support
06-23-2010, 12:25 PM
I have filed multiple bug reports and GM requests regarding mission that are broken.
Specifically BG5 Klingon Faction ground missions
In these ground missions, this is the following problem.

1: 99% of the time there are no NPCs to kill
2: the mission will not/does not save itself in my mission journal
3: entering another players mission will no spawn the NPCs, unless that player enters the mission and holds my hand. And most times, i can not even enter another players ground mission in the 1st place.

I was just informed by GM-Gorgey from customr service that " It is working as intended and that accolades are meant to be be a challenge etc. etc." I would like to point out, that in the course of 14 days of game play, roughly 80hours was wasted time searching in vain for ground missions that were Not broken in the manner i described.

As such, trying to complete the Kill Accolade Founder Foiler is a nightmare for me.. not just a "challenge". I have 3,985 accolade points. I worked very hard for them. The most boring of which is Unbeatable, the Kill Accolade for Flagships. I am a Hero of All STF's inculding Terradome. Oh, & I am a TOTAL PVP ADDICT. (PvP is the main reason for me to play MMO's actually)

I dont mind a challenge.. Not at all. But i mind a broken game world that I am suscribing to. I did Not buy a lifetime subcribtion, and now i am glad that i Did Not.

I am posting this to make you at Cryptic & Atari & Paramount AWARE that the continuing glitches and bugs are horrible in STO, specifically for Klingon players; and that CUSTOMER support for the game is forcing dedicated MMO players like myself to leave.

I have no reason to stay since I know for a fact the mission in question are broken, not "working as intended" as I have been told.

Good luck to everyone still willing to shell out money for this game.

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# 2
06-23-2010, 12:39 PM
I am a dedicated STO fan that played in Beta and have a lifetime subsrciption. I have 3 RA5 characters and 1 BG5. I say this so those that read this will not think that I am some newb whiner but am a real dedicated player.
I have played other Cryptic games like CoH and Champions. STO is the buggiest game that they have released. Cryptic seems to be more interested in releasing new items in the C-store for us to spend money on rather than fix game issues. THey want our money but want to fix nothing in return. To see Lilbooty@Diarmuhnd expierience such problems and to have GM's and customer support tell him that the game is working as intended is unacceptable. From a customer servce standpoint these answers are unfathonably insulting both to Lilbooty@Diarmuhnd and the other players in the game. I can certainly understand his reasons for cancelling his subscription and frankly if I was not a lifetime subscriber I would cancel mine as well.
Cryptic needs to understand and acknowledge that there are still major issues in the game that need fixed. Otherwise more and more people will quit and stop buying thier products.

Beware Cryptic, this sort of shoddy customer service will cost you revenue.
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# 3
06-23-2010, 01:21 PM
I was just informed by GM-Gorgey from customr service that " It is working as intended and that accolades are meant to be be a challenge etc. etc."
I am at a total loss that a Gm actually would believe that the cardassian or dominion mission is an accolade mission. These particular missions were around way before the actual accolade system was introduced. So please do not refer to these missions as accolade missions.

I too know the time lilbooty has gone through trying to get this mission in his journal. I actually took the time to run 22 cardassian missions for lilbooty on my Klingon while he killed all them in it. but beyond that I just didn't have the temperment to do the very same thing 22 more times so he could complete the mission.

What puzzles me is why not one of these 22 missions ever were able to be captured by lilbooty into his journal while I, who have two lifetime accounts was able to get this very same mission into two of my other characters.

I too have submitted bugs on missions with no npcs in them, with npcs inside buildings unable to be pulled out by turrets or whatever, and you know what, never once did I ever see any of these said mission come up and be able to be completed. I get the feeling that noone is home at Crytic and that customer service is actually a myth.

Please reconsider changing your actions on lilbooty and give him some type of reparations.

Just thought I would close with this, I started the game took 3 federation characters to ra5, then turned around and took 4 klingons to bg5, and am currently working on two more klingons, cpt10 and cpt9. I also played the last ten days of closed beta and the full length of open beta. I watched both of my sons join me in this game only to leave disappointed.

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# 4
06-23-2010, 10:58 PM
I do have a life time subscription. I do feel cheated in what I would like/expect out of the game. Given that there is limited content for Klingons, I would expect what we can do to at least work.
It can not be that difficult to fix what is limited in the first place.

Ground missions are so bad, I completly avoid them now. (PVP and PVE). Klingon has always felt beta and it's started to get very dishearting.
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# 5
06-24-2010, 02:19 AM
well i am a life timer that in fact happens to knows lilbooty , i have seen a pacient guy trying to do his accolate and slowly become realy ungry and disapointed , specialy if you think that klingons have so little content at least people expect that this content work.

In any case people can understand thta something dont work but when you ask for help at least get a correct answer at least an apologie for the not working content , but when you ask for help and you get a gm that basicaly give you a "stop asking we dont give a !@#$% about you " you actualy feels like a doush bag and you starting asking yourself what kind of customer support this game have.

i hope that some one will read this and at least excuse himself with him because for what i have seen lot of people is geting disapointed becose of this nice guy leaving the game.
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# 6 GM replied, but I cant Answer
06-24-2010, 11:25 AM
A GM contacted me.. with the following..

[Tell] <GM>Litana@Litana: Greetings, Captain. I have been reviewing your most recent tickets and was hoping to speak with you. Do you have a few minutes?

But when i answer.. i cant.. because..

@Litana is ignoring you.

she has messaged me 5more times.. but i still cant answer.. sigh

[Tell] <GM> Litana@Litana: Greetings, Captain. I was hoping to speak with you for a few minutes, if you are available.
[Tell] <GM> Litana@Litana: Greetings, Captain. Are you availab...
(etc etc etc)

This does not bode well.. not at all. So i tried to let her know that I could Not answer her, even though I saw all 5 messages she sent me while i was Online by making another ticket.

Successfully submitted ticket ID #898,735.

And all I keep getting while trying to message her is...
@Litana is ignoring you.
And I still have no answer from her, since now it says she has logged off of STO.
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# 7 ...
06-24-2010, 11:52 AM
GM Litana has seen the new tickets I've filed regarding the issue whre I am on ignore while trying to respond to her messages.

She has told me that I am Not in fact on ignore and is trying to resolve that issue and the previously mishandled GM request.

At least she is trying to help.
So I'd like to thank you GM Litana for your efforts.

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# 8 Latest update on issue
06-24-2010, 07:31 PM
GM Litana was able to identify the cause for the auto Ignore msg i was recieving; so I was in fact able to speak with her at length regarding the bug & the Customer Support GM whos mishandling of my GM request angered me so much.

The specific bug in question has been identified now. And is being passed to the Devs for work on fixing the issue so that other players wil not go through the nightmare I have had to endure. And I accepted the apology she extended to me on behalf of Cryptic. I thank her for all the time she has taken in working on this serious issue for the Klingon Players who do wish to mission in the hopes of completing as many of the accolades as we are able to.

As for the technical details, long story short. Seems that once you've compelted a random mission then when you re enter the exact same mission in the future; then there is a very high chance that nothing will spawn for you. Even if it is someone elses mission; unless that person with the mission atually is present in the mission with you, in which case, the NPCs will spawn as normal.

So, the more missions you have completed then the greater chance you will have of finding a mission that appears to be broken. Shows how many missions i've done, ~yikes~

Now if only I could find some Gorn, Nausican or Orion Ground & Space missions for those very hard to complete Klingon Kill Accolades.

Hope this helps some of you. Enjoy your time in STO.
I'll meet you in sto'vo'kor after I've served in the Klingon Black Fleet of the Dead

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Hi i can understand that GM's are busy and getting lots of tickets all the time, some times i get good replies and others i just get messages that make me feel i've wasted my time or its not going any further.

my bug report on the lack of cloaking by Romulan ships and below is the reply, with an obvious answer, not even a we aware of this or, we will look into this, just stats the obvious the game will elove, i think if i didn't know that from the start, I would of gotten that point thje "first time i got this cut and paste reply"

Hi, i've done some research and posted on the forum to get other peopls observations, i've reached Rear Admiral twice now and the first time i didn't pay much attention but the thought was thier at the back of my mind that i didn't see any Romulan ships cloak, so the 2nd time I encounted them i made a mental note to check. My conclusion is that only named romulan ships in episodes only seem to use the cloaking device
(for the story only). At any anouther encouter with romulan ships, they never cloak. its strange klingon (npc) birds of prey use thier cloaks in combat but not the Romulans.
I have noticed that when you see one Bird of prey (of both races) and get closer two more will pop into existance, not warp in or de-cloak, they weren't there before and now almost Q fashion just pop into existance.

"Thank you for your feedback! This MMORPG is a living and evolving experience. As such, the Game will continue to change as we implement and polish new features, which are a key in the continuing development of a dynamic play environment. If you wish to discuss your feedback with the game community, we encourage you to do so on the official forums (which you can reach through the community link on the launcher). We appreciate your feedback and thank you for playing!"

2nd most non helpful reply. at first i thought it was a great reply, then 2nd time i submit another ticket i get the same reply, so its just another copy and paste job.

i think my ticket was for heavy cannons at mark 1 or 2.#893495

hi there are two issues with this (it affects al types of cannons that are not meant for crusiers), first issue it can't go on cursiers but i guess by crusiers it means either klingon or the galaxy X.

a 2nd issue is that at least for fed players at the first tier there are no escort ships so dual heavy cannons Mk I &II can't be fitted until you reach the next tier of ships, in wich case players would look to use mark III & IV, So could the starting ship be classed as an escort?

Thank you for contacting Star Trek on line support. It is ideas like this that help us improve, so that our customers may better enjoy their experience with our game. If you have any other doubts or concerns, please feel free to contact us again. Have a wonderful day. "

I thought that's great maybe they are gonna reclass the starting ship as a escort so dual heavy cannons can be fitted, then i submitted another ticket, where one weapon works for the starting light crusiers but not the TOS light crusier.

the other ticket with same reply #896787

hi the driscptons match for both items in that that have same list of compatiable ship types(it lists crusier- is it meant to be dreadnaught only?). but the mark 1 common item will fit on the TOS light crusier, but a mark 2 rare phasor version will not fit.

I thought that only heavy dual cannons wouldn't fit, if dual canons also are not intended to fit then the bug is with the mark 1 dual diruptor cannon.
Could the starting fed ships be classed as escort and the TOS as a crusier?
One of these items is working as intended but which one?

UPDATE : the dual phasor cannon mark 2 will fit in the standard stating light crusier but not the TOS light crusier, so they appear to be s different class of ship even though thier discriptions both say 'light crusier' class.

thanks for reading and hope there's a fix in the next season or the season after.

"Thank you for contacting Star Trek on line support. It is ideas like this that help us improve, so that our customers may better enjoy their experience with our game. If you have any other doubts or concerns, please feel free to contact us again. Have a wonderful day. "

I don't know if i should follow this up or not, i think i will wait for the next engenning report after season 2 release and resubmit the ticket if no fix, it means putting a character on hold.

this an example of a good reply from GM Nova. #888762

Hello there, i would like to start by saying im enjoying the game immensely and looking forwrd to seeing and playing it as it expands, but thanks to a post i seen that seems to of died though,The post rasied the issue that there are no Benzite bridge officers. So I tried to further the Benzite casuse by subbmiting a GM ticket and was pleased by the poilite reply but i'm confused as the reply said there was equal chance of getting Benzite BO's. (I wonder if he/she thought that i meant another race)
the ticket is" Benizte & new race Bridge officer - #884044 - "

I've searched all Fed vendors, and the exhange. So my Inquries are; do they exisit in the games as Bridge officers.
if yes where should i look for one? if they do exist are they pre order bonus ? (i can't find a single Benizte B/O in the game so far)
or is there some bug that prevents them for going on to the vendors list and being offered as mision/level up rewards.?

if they don't exist as bridge officers, will they some time in the future be considerd? I do understand this an expanding game, I really feel its gotton a lot better and will be even more fantastic. so with the B/O •Stores with "random" Bridge Officers are on their way (in the next season or the one after). it would be a great opportunity to Ensure the Benzites and any other races that might be missing are represented. at least that's my hope for the new stores.

thanks for your time in reading this, im looking forward to the catilains,can't wait to see how fast they run and jump..

best wishes and keep up the good work, i do think its great and its getting better with every patch, im still addicited and find it hard to play anyother game.


"Thank you for your feedback! We have verified that Benzite Bridge officers should be available in the game, at the moment they are not offered at the officer recruitment office (vendors) but only as random mission rewards, however, they may be rare on how often they are being offered to players and whether or not these players want to sell them. If you wish to discuss your feedback with the game community, we encourage you to do so on the official forums (which you can reach through the community link on the launcher). We appreciate your feedback and thank you for playing! GM Nova"

its good reply but still no joy in finding benzite BO but i live in hope that they may appear at the random vendors in the furture.

i've posted on the forum but i might try again asking if anbody has one or not.
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# 10 6 days and counting...
07-06-2010, 03:49 AM
Well my friends.. less than a week left untill Klingon High Command revokes my Rank and drums me out of the war versus the Federation.

I was approached by the GMs and told that I could not share any info regarding there offer to keep me in the game. Since I promised, i wont share any details, except to say I turned down the offer because it was a paltry thing that I found to be even more insulting.

So, as of now, It's official, I will Not return to STO any time soon. Enjoy your time in STO, hope your experience in STO will be better than mine. Good luck and all that stuff.


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