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I am curious about something, curious because I have noticed some strange stuff.
In other MMO's you tend to find level consistent quests usually. But not so from I have seen with STO.

I am Lt Cmdr 2 and was doing a fantastic augment mission, which I loved and was able to easily defeat things approximately + 1 lvl above me without too many problems, unless I ran into multi mobs with elites in them. However after running through the augment chain quest and completing it, and then contuining on with the USS kirk part of the quest, it had me go down to the planet to the guardian of forever. All the mobs down there where + 1 level which was no biggie. However on going through the guardian to help the USS Enterprise, I notice the ships had increased in level to +3.

Things where getting a lot harder for me, because they where doing a lot of resisting and since I wear mkII and 1 or 2 blue MKIII stuffs I was seriously struggling. To Cut a long story short, I managed to complete the Entperise part, but ended up warping to the next part of the mission with an escort and Korsvig (sp?) both + 3 levels. I kept getting killed no matter how I altered my tactics.

What I want to know i, why is there is no basic level structuring within any given mission, why for example has it gone from +1 straight to +3 levels all in the same mission? For myself playing on my own, (dont know how to use LFG) I got slaughtered as in above.

I was really enjoying myself doing these missions until it became impossible for me to continue. It has put quite a dampener on things at the moment.

At what level does a lt cmdr 2 fight at feasibly wearing my set up? my ship s a couple + mk iii things, but all mk ii otherwise

By the way I am using Tier 2 science vessel, and I love it hehe
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07-06-2010, 08:49 PM
My first suggestion is hit the exchange and upgrade your equipment. Look for what you need and check the numbers, not the colour. Many times you'll have better numbers with white conned level appropriate gear than you will with lesser leveled green or blues. Get everything on your ship to mk IV. Make sure your bridge officers have the proper skills... shield heals for sci, hull heals for eng, and damage buffs appropriate for your weapon type... cannons vs. beams. (Avoid Beam Overload as it's still broken... or was last week before I dropped it.)

I had this same problem when I first started. I'd get a new ship, go flying into combat and get my arse handed to me. It took me a day or two to realize that new ships come outfitted with equipment 1 level lower than you are. (and longer to figure out that the numbers on some stuff just don't add up. i.e. a blue con mk iii whatchamacallit that has worse stats than a white con mk iv and sometimes mk iii.)

You really don't need 'good' gear to do most of the content. White con 'vendor trash' will get you through until you can replace it with a mission reward or drop.
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07-06-2010, 08:51 PM
Its hard to tell you what to do in a Sci vessel, since I did that mission in a cruiser...
Usually you jsut have to target the Worvig and ignoring the other ship until the Worvig cloaks.

You will have to do that two times though since it always cloaks at the first time.
I don't think better weapons would help in your case since science vessels are pretty when their shields are down.

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