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Shortly "I"will know. The naked stars know how badly I want to see ALOT of klingon content. 1.8 gig DL.. It's a bigg'n! we'll see what we see.. I'm gonna be looking at all things Klingon..
Lt. Commander
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07-10-2010, 05:18 AM
It is superficial. There is really nothing there for KDF. Not renewing is on my mind again. This is carp: hate playing a fed; almost everyone left is space build; no GPvP; hours to build TF teams; Gamma still has allegiance restrictions. It's sucks to keep waiting for some real content, a real story line, a reason to be KDF, and almost everthing is SPvP. I am seriously thinking some major decision makers at Atari/Cryptic cannot get their head out of console game play mode.

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