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So I'm thinking... the new customization options for Orions, and Nausicaans... okay basically Orions are cool, but the KDF gameplay is still grueling and boring for me.

There is a population that has been using the Alien generator to play exiled Orions (and not just females!) in Starfleet since the beginning and I know would jump at buying them in the C-store (with their traditional garb as off-duty uniforms). I also know people who would like to play Gorn resisting the conquest of their homeworld by joining Starfleet. And I'm sure there would be someone out there who'd buy a Nausicaan, maybe. And the core species of the Klingon Empire was sold since the beginning.

Likewise, I've seen people (ok one person) play a human working for the KDF through the Alien generator, and we have Joined Trill on the KDF side already due to demand.

I think that putting all species cross-faction in the C-store would a)require almost no work since all the species art has been done already and b)actually sell well.

Plus, I want to make a Starfleet Gorn resistance fighter and re-make my Starfleet Orion as a proper one. So that's two purchases there.

In summary, I'm proposing that Cryptic put up every factional species in the game in a C-store version for the other factions exactly like Starfleet Klingons are now and include all species-linked costume options as off-duty wear for them.

Now, I know some people will come in and say that this will further screw over the KDF by removing the uniqueness from their species. Is the new art really going to accomplish much of a draw, though? Honestly I'm expecting that Cryptic will see Klingon player numbers barely budge after Season 2 and then there will be lots of pressure from the bean-counters to just cut losses and abandon investing in them. What I'm proposing is, basically, a way to directly make more money off what has been invested so far in some of the KDF-side art assets so there's more solid encouragement to actually keep going.

I'm going to suggest that Cryptic go further and earmark the CP income from the KDF species sold cross-faction to support more budgeted dev time for the KDF.
Have a little fundraiser out of it!

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