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Here the instructions ya asked about, Alex.

All the links to color images are in red so they'd show up in the Quote Box. I'll post the link to the collective albuma at the end just in case.


Category: Humanoid

Head Type: Humanoid 1 or Humanoid 2

Skin Type: Skin
Color: Nine Right from Side; Up Nine from Bottom

Overall Pattern: Spots 7
Color: Eight Left; Up Two Slider: Almost four complete bars, can use pointer to determine difference

Base Complexion: Heroic

Forehead Detail: None
Nose Detail: Hunter Slider at Max

Tattoo, Scar, Etc.: None (but optional depending on the tastes of the creator)

Eyes: Reflective
Color: Preferably any shade of light to medium green,
but can be any color

Ears: Long Scales

Hairstyle: Any
Color: Five Down from Top, Three Left from Center

Hair: Shininess
Slider at Max

Eyebrow: Multiple 3

Mouth Accessory: Spines-Thin
Color for mouth accessories and spines is the same shade of white as hair

Eye Attach: None (Optional)

Head Attach Organic: Alienhorns 03
Color: Right Eight from Side, Up Two from Bottom (same Color as Spots)

*Body Cusmization is optional. The sepecies is generally supposed to be as tall as possible*

Base Height: 7.13 M (70) *Recommended*
Torso Length: Slider at Max (for added height)
Stomach Size: Slider in the Middle
Arm Length: Slider at Max
Leg Length: Slider at Max

*Gloves, IMO, add to the "android feel I was trying for, but are completely optional*

Hands (Both): Gloves- 5 Fingered Paneled

First Color: Up 3 from Bottom; Right 11 ( Left 6 from Bottom White)

Second Color: Down 2 from Top; Right 7 from Side

Hope this isnt too confusing.
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07-10-2010, 09:49 PM
WEWT! I don't think I'm gonna write his bio up as an android species though. He looks more amphibious to me. Thanks!
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07-11-2010, 05:53 AM
ok. have at it.

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