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07-11-2010, 11:59 AM
*this is a closed storyline created for the enjoyment of the readers. I am a touch rusty as its been 7 years since I have written anything, understand any negative comments, rudeness and/or lucid behavior will be ignored by the writer as this is simply for the enjoyment of others and myself.*

“What a piece of junk… The Borg did a number on her…”

“Belay that!”, snaps Commander Xshuan over the bridge of the tug ship standing off to the side looking at the battle scene from the Borg push and their defeat at Vega.

As in any war, the wrecked Borg ships, pieces of ships, for both Federation, and Klingon ships scatter the debris field at this battle sight. The U.S.S Gavel, a refitted Curry class, relegated to tug boat duty in ship recovery. Normally simply transporting frames and ships new power cores, this is the first time ever Commander Xshuan has ever been in the frontline, along with his very limited weaponry refitted ship.

“He is here.”, Commander Doctor Kitpli a betazoid says smiling turning to look a direction as if she could see right through the hull of the Gavel itself. A simple observer on this trip, carrying the orders for her commanding officer backed by Starfleet itself.

“Starship dropping from warp, Sir. Scans show it’s… “, the ensign pauses, “It’s the Talisman Sir.”

Before the Gavel lays the damaged wreckage and bones of a once proud Galaxy class, its hull and registration markings ripped away in a cacophony of violence and damage, testament of her battle, her stance in this place littered with the bones of the dead, both men….and machine.

“We are being hailed sir.”

“On screen.”, Xshuan calls as he rises, a familiar face appears on it. “Good to see you Admiral Velve.”

His voice deep and soft, a hint of compassion ruled with echo of pure savage thunder behind each word, like a dark power waiting to be released, “And you as well Commander Xshuan. I would like to address you and your entire crew if I may.”

“By all means, Sir. Lt. open ship wide communication. Go ahead Admiral.”

“Outside is testament to the destructiveness of war. Troubling times indeed, war a messy affair, yet this is not a true war. There are no peace talks… No negotiations… We fight for survival, from extinction as a culture, as races …as individuals. Before you is a hulk of what some say is twisted metal, torn, ripped asunder. A victim of this malicious war…

I disagree.

What I see before you is Courage of the Heart. Captain Gilberi, her crew, all those that served on that ship understood one simple thing. Courage is not about being afraid, it’s about getting up, doing the job, and placing themselves in harm’s way even in the face of that fear.

You are the U.S.S. Redemption, before you lays a testament to the Courage of the hearts and convictions of your brothers, sisters, loved ones, and those that prove the truth of the freedoms we enjoy. So much so, that 989 of them, with one voice, cried out…

…We shall never surrender, we shall never submit, though it might mean our deaths. For the Salvation of others, you may not pass.

Their actions delayed the assault so that a world was saved. To them we shall honor and we shall follow in their footsteps and move forward. They shall not be forgotten.

As you bring her back, remember, she is a wounded Lady, treat her with the respect she gave to those that served her to save others. To her, they gave their all, and in return bore them with honor till the end.

It is time Salvation lived again.”

Kitpli looks about at the crew of recovery experts aboard the bridge of U.S.S. Gavel and could see some stand taller, feel the very pride of them in the air about her. The air was filled with it, in their minds shouting out.

“Captain,” Admiral Mongoson Dobluth Velve voice echoes softly, no need to be flamboyant, or even state anything more, “The Talisman will escort you back through the Gate and to the shipyard. We await your orders when you have secured recovery operations…”

“Thank you Sir.”

The screen goes blank as Xshuan tosses out orders and the crew hustles about as if in the midst of a major battle. Xshuan, after tossing out orders to his now super enthusiastic crew who are running around like hive of bees, escorts Kitpli to his ready room. The doors close as he smiles pouring them both a drink.

“Motivational as ever…”, he states that which needs no statement, “But why here, why now, and why her?”

She leans forward and smiles even wider showing those white perfect teeth, “They let him have it Xshuan, they are going to let him do it. He is going to install the first ever graviton plasma power system aboard a Federation starship!”…

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