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07-11-2010, 12:36 PM
Greetings from the AO Legion,

The Alpha Omega Legion is currently recruiting all classes to the AO Legion. We are a PVE, RP Fleet that may dabble into the PVP side of STO at a later time. For now we are focused on getting STF's, and other missions and RP in the AO Legion.

There are requirements to join however:

1. You MUST be 16 years or older to join. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. You will have the option of using Team Speak 3. It is highly recommended that you do get it.

3. You will be tasked with taking Fleet Based Academy Courses to pass from Academy Cadet to Lieutenant. If you are a veteran player you STILL have to take the courses. NO EXCEPTIONS

4. Contact Jack Okason@jackokason or Tia@dobes4me for more information

website coming soon.

Also a note is Wednesday July 14th on Earth Space Dock Stateroom will be Academy Classes on Basic Combat 101 and Star Trek Online Basic Information 101. Contact Jack Okason@jackokason for more information.

Admiral Jack Okason
Alpha Omega Legion Commander
United Federation of Planets

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