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07-09-2010, 10:04 AM
the plus 5 to the ships power level is not showed, got a plus 1 to shield but that's about it. And, btw, we cannot modify the galaxy X. I did it but once outside i was back to the original design.
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07-09-2010, 10:13 AM
It's not +5 to all power levels, it's +5 to the value of all Efficiency skills.
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07-11-2010, 07:34 AM
K-Tar is correct.

In order to see the results of the Efficient BO your toon has to have the appropriate skills to see the effect.

Use that calc for your build out.

My Liberated Borg TAC officer runs 3 Efficient BO's + the Efficient Impulse Engine.

So with no Skills/Console's applied my Attack Power settings are:

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07-11-2010, 10:21 PM
As far as I understand (which could be wrong or changed), efficiency only comes into effect when the power level is set to 75 or less.. With greater returns the lower the power is set at..

So you would see very little effect from efficiency on systems with 70 power.. But quite a bit of an effect from systems set at 25 power.

On the other hand, performance skills add power directly to a system at all times (i.e. Weapon Performance skill-ups directly boost weapon power at all power settings)... Instead of just lower powered ones like efficiency.

Hope that helps (and my memory is correct).

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