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Originally Posted by dstahl View Post

Originally Posted by steelrain27 View Post
we're not going to have to buy these through the C-store are we?

I love the ships and all the ideas you guys have for them but I can't afford to be paying 25 bucks a ship every month.

While the budget dept says we have to sell these... I'm looking to see if we can do hybrid pricing models for some of these so that you can purchase some with Starfleet Merit OR pay Cryptic Points for them. It involves fancy spreadsheets where your time getting the merits in game makes the bean counters look the other way.
As most of you should know the Excelsior, and the Nebula are coming to the C-store, and it mite be coming soon with the new C-store update that should be out by the 19th. I love the fact that the Excelsior is coming,becasue that is one of my favorite ships from Star trek.

But here is the problem Those two ships are loved by a lot of people. the polls results were 3553 for the excelsior, and 2647 for the Nebula, and those are just the people who come on to the forums, there are more out there who don't post on the forums, and they will be shocked to see their favorite ship added to the game. Problem is your adding two of the more popular, and most wanted ships to the game and you are going to force people to pay for it, in turn you seem to taken advantage of people's love for those ships, and I think the bean counters know that they are doing that.

I quoted you from one of your post earlier because that right there is the answer. This would be the time to add in a system where you can exchange merits for the ships. you need to push to make the merits equal to the their C-store equivalent. that way people who don't want to pay real money can work hard in the game and earn the ships.

added to what I said it would look a lot better on your part. personally I see this as a boarder line money grab by those bean counters, and you guys are stuck in the middle of this, but you can do something about it.

So what does anyone else think about this?
post your grievances, complaints, complements, concerns here, and lets get our voices heard before they release it to the C-store. ( before it is to late )

EDIT here is a good price exchange between merits and C-store points .

Originally Posted by superchum View Post
Re-posting this because occasionally I do make a useful, informative post and it gets buried ...

Well respecs are the place to go to figure out an exchange rate.

20 to 30k merits = 500 Cryptic Points.

Make it 25k, split the difference. So 50 merits = 1 Cryptic Point.

40,000 Merits = 1 TOS Constitution.

100,000 Merits = 1 Galaxy X.

The Excelsior and the Nebula can fall in between that.
EDIT and for anyone who was wondering where they said it was going to be on the C-store.

Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
Here's a few things I've seen on the C-Store dev schedule...

Costume Slots
Bridge Officer Slots
Ship Slots
Bridge Packs
2 New Ships from the ship poll (excelsior/nebula)

No dates on when they will all be available yet - but those items are in the works and will be here sooner than later.

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