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So I was just thinking of how I would like to see new stuff added to diversify each player's crew, and came up with the following idea; I would like to see missions added in for promoting bridge officers to specialized ranks, and missions added for earning certain special types of bridge officers.

Earning Specialized Bridge Officer:

EXAMPLE: Android

An optional mission picked up at the maximum rank, by a personal encounter only, the person would be in one of the persistent zones. Basically not a Starfleet contact. This is because it is not a Starfleet mission, and forces people to go to some of these persistent zones for a good reason. For the Android specifically you'd have to collect Android parts from STFs, persistent zones, and Fleet Actions. (They'd be parts in the world gotten by finding them and using "F" to interact). Once all the parts were collected the parts would be taken to someone who had maxed out Memory Alpha experience who could then reconstruct your Android. There should be at least three types of these. Something like Android is Engineering, Holographic is Science, and then another sort for Tactical.

Promoting to Specialized Positions:

EXAMPLE: First Officer

A mission received at maximum rank, these are received through Starfleet, here maybe you select which of your officers to promote and are given a mission to complete some kind of training. (For Feds maybe something like the Kobyashi Maru, for Klinks a trial by battle). The First officer maybe gets an additional trait, or Ensign BOFF power, or double trait effectiveness, etc. Similar missions for selecting a Head of security, (adds some kind of tactical thing this would be a promo for a tactical officer only), a Chief Medical Officer (adds some kind of science thing this would be a promo for a science officer only), and a Chief Engineer (adds some kind of engineering thing, this would be a promo for an engineering officer only). For the First officer you could make it your choice of Career BOFF, based on ship flown, or your personal career.

EDIT: For the crafting part mentioned above, PLEASE make a Klink equivalent Cryptic if it was implemented, I don't know what to suggest since they don't have Memory Alpha.


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