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# 1 Gemini Fleet
01-30-2010, 05:16 AM
The Gemini Fleet is a Star Trek based role-playing Fleet that has been preparing for the release of
Star Trek: Online, a massive multiplayer online game. The Gemini Fleet, first and foremost is about role-playing in the Star Trek universe. It has been designed as such to create the best atmosphere for this. The forums support many different types of role-playing experiences, from the holodeck to Kahlorís bar to ship missions.

Admiral Daniel Morgan started this fleet in August of 2006 with two goals in mind: To create a fleet with a fun and open structure, yet at the same time create a fleet that followed the rules of Starfleet. Even though the fleet has changed in many ways, from the addition of the Academy, to the creation of more ships, to a newsletter, it has still managed to maintain those goals that he set out to achieve.

The Gemini Fleet is a Role-playing Fleet based upon the Star Trek universe. Role-playing is when a person assumes the identity of a character and acts out that character's thoughts and emotions. We identify ourselves as Starfleet Officers, civilians, or other familiar Star Trek characters. We then use these characters to live out a virtual life in the realm of Star Trek. Each character is assigned a specific position within the Fleet. This could include Science Officer, Tactical Officer, or Medical Officer. The character is then assigned to a ship or Starbase where they interact with their crewmates and perform tasks or missions. The objective is to work with these other characters to successfully complete each task or mission. Teamwork is the essential ingredient which differentiates true role-playing from simulated games where your character simply reacts to circumstances.

The Gemini Fleet embodies what Star Trek has set the standard for. We promote well being and peaceful co-existence within our role-playing. The development of self respect and knowledge is paramount. We do not condone violence, but we will use defensive/offensive tactics if threatened in the course of a mission. We are here to enjoy the Star Trek experience, while promoting its beliefs and practices.
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# 2
02-02-2010, 11:43 AM
Hey, nice to see our thread here.

We're in STO under the name of Gemini Fleet .

We have teamspeak 3 up and running.
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07-14-2010, 04:21 AM
Just letting people know that Gemini Fleet is still alive and kicking. We have Teamspeak 3 but we are currently working out some Bugs. Will let you know when we are up.


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