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# 1 The One Ship Fleet [RP]
07-06-2010, 10:24 AM
With the introduction of ship interiors in Season 2, it will be much easier for players to take on the role of individual crewmen all working on a single ship -- something many players have wanted to see in STO since it was first announced.

The USS Challenger is just such a ship.

The Challenger is currently under construction at the Utopia Planita Fleet Shipyards on Mars and is expected to launch with Season 2 later this month. We have openings in the main Bridge Crew, in the Beta and Gamma Bridge Crew, and among the regular crewmen.

We currently have a shortage of OPERATIONS staff.

Details can be found on our website, but a few basic Principles of the One Ship Fleet are here:
  • Most characters in the One Ship Fleet will be new, made for the Fleet. We especially welcome new players who are coming to STO for the first time.
  • The Challenger will be represented by one of the new tier 5 cruisers, and any member of the fleet can get such a cruiser and name it the USS Challenger, so that the Captain does not need to be online for the ship to be active for RP. We will select ship interior floorplans in common, so that any ship of any player can substitute for the interior of the Challenger as needed.
  • When the fleet is working in space, and thus is represented by multiple ships, these are presumed to be "Photonic Fleet" created by powerful emitters aboard the Challenger.
  • Positions on the ship are designed to allow you, the player, to choose your level of activity. Main Bridge Crew should be "mains," and are expected to be very active. Beta and Gamma Bridge crew can be less active, but should still log on regularly. Regular crewmen have no activity requirements.
  • The Challenger has a GM staff which coordinates the ship's bi-weekly episodes, or "A plots." Command Crew (Captain, XO, basically anyone who could end up in the Captain's chair) cannot be GM staff; this is reserved for non-command crew such as the Ship's Counsellor, Doctor, and other "regular crewmen." Command Crew can still write "B plots," small subplots involving a few people and which do not threaten the ship.
  • Rank aboard the Challenger is, as you can imagine, very limited. The best analogy is something like the first season of TNG or TOS. The commanding officer is the only Captain. The first officer is the only Commander. Bridge Crew may be Lieutenants or Lt. Commanders, as you choose. Regular crewmen should be Ensigns, Lieutenant JG, or Lieutenant, again as you choose. Your rank in the game is separate from your rank according to STO's game mechanics, so the game may tell you that you are 45th level, or 51st, but that is ignored in favor of your ship rank. Promotions can and will occur at a rate faster than the shows, but slower than STO, and are capped by the limitations of the shipboard rank -- so you can't out-rank your own superior.
  • We use an OOC channel and forums extensively. If you don't like checking forums to keep up with the latest news, we are not a good fleet for you. There is also extensive forum RP which is entirely optional.

Any questions, comments, or interest can be posted here or you can search for us in game. Feel free to send me a PM if there is anything I can do to help.
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# 2
07-14-2010, 09:49 AM
The original post has been updated.

The Challenger "One Ship Fleet" is progressing, and we now have fifteen players with characters of all ranks.
  • We still have many important Bridge Officer positions open. We have no Helmsman and no Navigator.
  • We also have a lot of room among the Alternate Bridge Crew, which have far fewer demands on your time than the Main Bridge.
  • Our GM Staff is small but growing, if you would like to help write the stories of the Challenger and her crew.
  • Regular crewmen are always welcome and there are no time requirements at all for crew of this sort. So if you are feeling like making a new alt for Season 2, the Challenger may be for you.

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