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Currently, the NPCs in STO are very "empty" feeling. Most of them are just walking/standing "zombies" with no personality, and they do the same exact things over and over. Few of them are interactive. I see them as just shells with skins thrown on.

Examples: The Starfleet personnel wandering around Space Dock and other starbases. The various NPCs on Qo'nos. And all over throughout the game.

Vulcan NPCs on Space Dock say things at times that seem emotional and unlike what a Vulcan would say. It kind of takes away from the "This really is Star Trek" feeling of the game.

The uniforms on the Starfleet NPCs also lack variety, it seems like the vast majority have on the same uniform style.

I don't intend this as a negative post. My point is, the NPC behavior and appearances can be improved from how they are now to make the immersion seem better. There could be some voice overs done for some of the dialogue. Why do the NPCs always walk and never run? On the shows and movies, Starfleet officers sometimes run. The NPCs are apparently never on a tight schedule or in a hurry, or working on anything urgent. (lol)

How about a little personality for them? Some flare. I'm not asking for them to act like living breathing person (other players), but they can be stepped up a lot from where they are at right now, I believe.

How come they never beam up or down from Space Dock (and other locations)? They could be made better with some subtle (and some not-so-subtle) changes.

Please work on the "look and feel" and behavioral aspects of the random, everyday NPCs as the game evolves.

Thank you.
Lt. Commander
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07-15-2010, 03:24 AM
/ Signed ^^
Lt. Commander
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07-15-2010, 06:07 AM
I definately agree with this.


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