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We've asked for it before and cryptic said they'd look into it but never got back to us. Now 2 crew slots are on sale in the C-Store on a per character basis and it's like a kick in the shins to those of us who were hoping for non-generic bridge officers.

And what about ship interiors? Do we have to look like a visitor in our own ships?

What I would like to propose is a crew uniform tab in the character status window not unlike the crew uniform tab in the fleet window. This would free us from several things like having to customise the uniform of every one of our bridge crew every time we decide to make a change as well as automatically insert new crew, summonable security officers (Including the ones for the Diplo mission on Vulcan and Bajor), and generic crewmembers into the uniforms.

The crew uniform tab would have examples for Command, Operations and Sciences and male / female variants so that generic crew and officers would automatically be inserted into the appropriate colours. (Though it would be nice to set 2 for females so they could randomly wear skirts or trousers as acceptable duty uniforms.)

There would also be a drop down for each uniform you specify for your own toon in order to automatically switch the entire crew to the appropriate uniform when the captain switches uniforms.*

*An exception would be made for off-duty clothes, where the crew would remain in the last uniform the captain selected.


Of course it goes without saying that you would be able to edit your bridge officers to be a little more unique, such as making one of your science officers wear teal to represent medical instead of science. Or making one of your tactical officers wear yellow for security (or red for security if using TOS outfits)

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