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The title says it all. It is hard to sift through so many posts, so I thought I would create a post that will hopefully allow me to cut down on vast research. I am looking for a medium- heavy roleplay that has a emphasis on Federation RP. I am not a "canon pureist", but I would like my STO experience to be as close to that Star Trek feel as possible. I am trying to find a fleet that will give a general Star Trek rp feel, as opposed to a "Section 31" type or very millitant group.

I am not concerned with size of the fleet, rather I am concerend with activity and dedication. I do not want to join a group that is already making exit strategies for when TOR (or any other game) comes out.

My characater's name is Dulara Rejal ( I will check back on this thread, or can be reached at @Selona.

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07-15-2010, 11:05 PM
I should also add that I am not interested in joining a group and pretending that my character is some fresh out of the academy Weasley Crusher dork with no experience. Dulara's a Captain, and this is importent to her character

Not that I expect to join a fleet and be anything other thana new recruit. However I have looked at a few fleets who expect you to RP as being some ensign, and I do not seem the value of flushing all of my ingame experiences out the torpedo launcher.

Hopefully this makes sense, probably shouldn't post when sleepy
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07-16-2010, 05:36 AM
Posting from a phone.

Contact Rohan@pgraham, we are dedicated RP fleeet that is conducting house cleaning. Have officer positipns open
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07-16-2010, 10:54 AM
You might be interested in the Alpha Centauri Institute.

We are a dedicated, mature and friendly Role Playing fleet. We are very active, and growing steadily... typically we have at least 5 members on at any time, with members in both the US and European time frames. Almost all of the players in the Fleet are Trekkies in some form, and roleplaying to recreate the Starfleet experience is the core of our philosophy and goals.

We have regular RP plots and storylines running, usually two or three at any given time - from small singular type stories up to and including major plot developments that include the majority of the fleet. We also engage in active Forum roleplay, and in fact many of our in-game RP scenarios have additional Forum RP elements included to add spice and color to the events. We also engage in, and encourage, on the fly RP whenever anyone decides to pursue it - and in fact, several of our larger plot line events have had their root in such RP situations.

We will be starting a regular fleet action gathering probably once a week or so soon; many of our members also engage regularly in mission running with RP during the missions.

The Alpha Centauri Institute is a Science and Research based Starfleet Division, so science, space exploration, and technology research and development is at the core of our organization. We do have a Guard department that is responsible for Fleet defense as well. Due to our Science nature, we also include civilian researchers and scientists in our ranks.

If you are interested in the ACI, I encourage you to head to our website at and check out our Recruitment link, which will inform you what our requirements are and how to go about enlisting with us. I heavily recommend also taking a look at our Ten Forward Forum - where all of our Forum RP takes place. This will provide a glimpse of how we roleplay, and how we conduct our RP events, and give you an insight as to whether or not the ACI is the right Fleet for you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at Sanek@Cerebus06, or my assistant, Silveda@Quarie. We will reply to you as soon as possible with answers to your questions.

In the meantime, I hope you find the fleet you are looking for, and if you select the ACI, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

EDIT: I noticed also that you have a desire to not have to "start over" as an "ensign". Our policies allow for previous Starfleet experience so that your character can join us at a rank up to and including Captain.
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07-16-2010, 12:56 PM
Check out the 26th Fleet. We're heavy, serious, and immersed in what it means to be a Starfleet officer. You'll find lots of information on our site in the databse. If your questions aren't answered, feel free to get in touch.

From our thread on the STO forum:


The 26th Fleet is dedicated to providing an atmosphere of serious roleplay that focuses on character development and creating a truly immersive Starfleet experience; we believe that the story of Star Trek is not about the politicking of civilizations or the vastness of space, but about the individuals who shaped a galaxy in times of war and peace.

The 26th Fleet promotes these ideals by hosting frequent social events set against an overall fleet plot. Each month, we host one major event that can include as many members who wish to attend. These large gatherings are meant to foster the interpersonal relationships between the characters of our members while our weekly, smaller events give our members a chance to level their characters in a group setting while still providing that serious roleplaying environment.

If you're looking for a fleet that values heavy immersion and serious roleplay, the 26th Fleet is for you!


Officers in the 26th Fleet are assigned (chosen during the application process) to task forces - each with its own unique style and mission. As quasi-independent groups within the fleet, task forces host their own events and follow along with their own plots which relate to the overall story. These small groups of players are sort of like communities within the community, and we hope that by fostering friendly competition between them, we can create a truly unique fleet experience.

The 26th Fleet aims to create the experience of Starfleet captains to the smallest detail. Common procedures, ceremonies, court martial hearings, missions, and military intrigue are just some of the many aspects of Starfleet life the 26th Fleet is dedicated to reproducing to give our members a totally immersive experience.

Within their task force and in the fleet at large, officers can climb the ranks and take on responsibilities to help the fleet operate. The 26th Fleet is always looking for dedicated members of the community who are eager to help the fleet grow and improve, and members of our fleet command are responsible for website administration, graphic design, and story writing - among other duties.


We highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information provided on our website before committing to joining, but once you're ready, click "Apply to Guild" just above our recruiting notice on the home page and follow the steps outlined.

Depending on availability, the application process can take up to 48 hours. If you haven't heard back from us by then, please contact our Personnel Officer to get an update on your application.


If you have any questions or would like more information about the 26th Fleet, feel free to contact us through our website (under the Fleet Command link) or in-game at the following addresses:

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07-16-2010, 01:26 PM
Otr maybe we could be what you are looking for

[Heavy RP Fleet] Daedalus Omega

Fleet Daedalus Omega is a role playing community with a strict role playing expectation, looking for players who share that same standard. We feature normal sub-heroic characters as captain’s facing the daily mission challenges of getting there crew threw safely and pursuing a career as a Starfleet officer. The fleet it’s self is classified as a general multi-divisional core. This fleet focuses on mission’s average missions such as exploration, war fronts, patrols and the character’s interactions with other captains leaving the special missions for specific specialized squadrons. But we also from time to time attempt Raidisodes under a RP situation.

But more importantly the fleet puts a strong emphasis on character creativity rather then levels gear and loot. The fleet uses message boards to bring the community together and act as database network connecting all the officers of our fleet, and tool to post your short stories for everyone’s reading leisure It should be made clear that when you join our role playing community that you are ready to role play your character for better or for worst, and in a professional manner. Which means that your playing a character that working to establish his career, and forge there own legacy.

Serious Role Playing – The standard of role playing is a high bar that everyone who plays is expected to reach, or learn how to reach it. Our Game Master Hosts safe guard our storyline and provide challenges for your starship captain to over come with dice rolls in a very pen and paper manner.

Starfleet Career – All players interested in joining the fleet are encouraged to create a career from scratch. This will allow you to develop your character’s career, gear, and items threw in-depth storyline, missions, and personal merits. Transferring characters with ranks beyond Jr Officers are selective but not disaprooved in general. We try our best to get our Members together as several Starfleet Crews. So if you always wanted to be a 1st Officer, Sience Officer, Chief of Engineering or simply the Captain, we want to giv you that chance.

Starfleet Ranks – Promotions and Ranks are intricate part of our gaming rewards. These titles, and commissions are awarded to you for showing time, dedication, and command excellence.

Weekly Events – Events are hosted by Game Masters, or Missions are completed by squadrons assembled with by officers roughly all the same rank. These events are scheduled at the mandatory Sunday meeting. Successful mission warrant rp rewards, and access to more guild privileges.

The Mission - We are currently busy creating a constant backstory for our RP that will define our Fleet as part of the war and most important Starfleet.

Voice Chat – None (All players are here to role play.)

Private Story Boards – A message board to post your logs, to respond to story lines, and write short fiction on it.

Additional Guilds – Now accepting newly made fleets Klingon, Alien, or Fed

Telepath Characters – within reason

Time Zone Activity – We are currently trying to expand to a worldwide fleet so that we have RP around the clock. We already have members from the USA and Europe and hope to expand.

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07-16-2010, 02:03 PM
8th Expeditionary Fleet has just started recruiting. We are a RP Fleet looking for Captains of all ranks and departments (Science, Engineering, Tactical), and currently looking for those seeking to fill administrative positions withing the guild. Please contact Saint@Bluegothic, or post on the Recruitment thread for 8th Expeditionary Fleet.
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07-16-2010, 02:06 PM
Thank you very much so far for the replies.

Kahra, I had looked at Daedalus Omega previously. My understanding had been that you guys were looking for characters at the beginning of their careers, which to me sounds like fresh out of the acedemy types. Perhaps that was not the case, in which I will give it another look

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