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# 1 Ship-to-Ship Scanning/Visuals
07-17-2010, 10:02 AM
I am not sure this has been mentioned before, but the thought of Fleet Logos finally making their way into the game made me think.

Is there any chance we can have an option to get a better visual of another ship to be able to see it? An example is if I see a ship fly by, or even one of my friend's ships, it would be nice to bring up a "Visual" option to allow me to visually zoom in and see what their ship looks like up close the way each person can their own ship. This ability should allow you to do 360 degree rotation so you can look it over (example is scene in new Star Trek movie where Nero zooms in to see the registry of the Enterprise). I hate the fact that when a team member gets a new ship I haver to do circles around it or strategically move my mouse to get a decent look at it. This would allow me to see what fleet the fleet logo a ship belongs to ( although a smaller window on the visual screen could provide data on the ship including what the fleet logo looks like).

If damage effects are active this way, we can also zoom in to see where our teammates are damaged the most and offer assistance if we have spare components (perhaps have engineering BO beam over to help speed repairs).

Just a thought on this here ...

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