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# 1 New Ship Idea
07-17-2010, 10:36 PM
Ok, so some of us love it, probably some hate it.

Some will welcome this idea, others will cry foul with an argument I'll do my best to rebuff in a moment.

I'd like to suggest the addition of the Dauntless Class.

Now that slipstream is slated to be an in-game mechanic, it only seems fair to pay homage to this ship.

Some would argue that it wasn't a Federation ship in actuality, while that is true, since voyager's crew crawled all over that thing for quite some time, I would think that in the hands of the Advanced Starship Design bureau that it would make the perfect starting point for slipstream research.

To that end, here is my suggestion in a condensed format;

Dauntless Class Advanced Escort;
Weapons; 4x fore, 2x aft
Consoles; 3x eng, 2x sci, 3x tac

Hull; 30200
Crew; 120
Inertia; 70
Turn Rate; 16.5 deg/sec
Impulse modifier; 0,25

Boffs; 1x Lt. Eng, 2x Ens Sci, 1x LtCdr Tac, 1x Cdr Tac

Special Ability; Prototype Slipstream Drive.
Grants ;
*a 1.5x time active bonus to sector space slipstream, cool-down remains the same.
*an in-system power to instantly slipstream-jump 20k in the direction your ship is pointed, even through obstacles.
(Can be used in combat, 5 minute CD, puts a 10 second CD on full impulse, and a 5 second CD on all weapons, drains shields 15%)

Can also be used to jump to any target within 20k, ally or enemy.

*Has a bound/irremovable special 'slipstream deflector array' with no +bonuses that scales to the rarity and mk level of your shield.

*I'm not especially attached to the Boff layout other than keeping the tac ones just like the rest of the high tier escorts.

*I am attached to the proposed console layout since you would think SSD would require enhanced Engineering facilities.

Acquiring the Dauntless/The Bridge;

The dauntless is Acquired by completing a special mission, possibly involving the Klingons or Romulans attempting to steal the design in order to benefit their own slipstream drives.

This unlocks an accolade and gives you access to the 'Dauntless Project' IE Starfleet lets you in on the design as a possible ship choice.

Acquiring this ship even once will also grant all your characters access to its bridge pack which consists of;
*The Federation style dauntless bridge
*The Red alien style, but with Federation panels (IE a tactical feel)
*A blue style bridge similar to the colors seen in the engineering section.

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