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Show Notes Episode 019

Quadrant News Updates updates and oh my the updates. Season 2 hits Tribble, tons of interviews with Cryptic on the web, STO-Radio rocking it out, massive changes to Sector Space, new ships, new levels we run the gamut of news this week.

Tactics & Gameplay We dive head first into Season 2. Ship Interiors? We got'em. Mini games galore? Yup. Find out how to trapse around your ship or line your pockets with gold pressed latinum this week.

Doc Watch - Has he gained a level? Doc has..not leveled..most likely. Doc is MIA this week still, and with the level cap increasing, can he go the distance?

QQ-Continuum Our darwinian candidate, isn't just a person, it's an entire Fleet. These fine chaps from across the pond, decided to just up and quit the game, simply stating "Cryptic hasn't lived up to what they said they'd do" (vague enough?). lulz -

Check it out here the Red Shirt Army Podcast

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