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If this problem is just a bug with my account, then apologies for not troubleshooting, but it seems that our Photonic Officers (whom some of us worked pretty dang hard to get) don't ever appear on our bridge. Ever.

This is very upsetting. For me, the bridge and my crew is very important to my enjoyment of the game, and having a super exclusive, rare officer that I can only see on missions is really no fun. I want him on my bridge, or possibly in my sickbay.

If there is concern about programming in console-using emots or whatever, I'd be happy just to have him standing in a corner, looking stoic and flickering like he did in the tutorial.

I am also positive that he looks different now than he did in the tutorial, and if this is so, I'd love to see his appearence brough into alignment with the tutorial.

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