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07-23-2010, 11:41 PM
I am a Senior Admiral in the Sicarius Expeditionary Fleet, and I would like ot propose the plan of a Fleet PvP Tournament for Ranking, Prestige, and Honor. We feel that we have the best five (5) ship team and are willing to prove it.

The idea is this: As of today, there are over 100 Fleets in STO. Every Fleet that participates will bring their best five (5) RA5 Captains and fight it out for the right to call themselves "the best". This will be a HUGE recruiting boon, as well as general bragging rights among the Fleets.

There are three (3) formats: 1) Five (5) on five (5) Arena PvP. 2) Round Robin PvP, where each of the five (5) Captains fight a 1-on-1 match with an opponent from the other Fleet. In this manner, each ship would fight three (3) times. 3) Head-up 1-on-1 match. In this format, there would be an additional four (4) ships on each side acting as a second, watching only.

Ok, there it is. Could there be credits involved? Sure, your Fleet brings 1,000,000 and so will ours. Could there be Rare items involved? Why not, make it interesting. Our new recruits would love to equip their ship whith your lost items.

Will enough Fleets answer the challenge? Will any of them? I will be happy to act as moderator, even building a WebSite specifically for this purpose, to keep track of the battles, and to rank the Fleets/Captains.

I know that with Season 2.0 coming out, this may be bad timing, but I will post it anyway. Alre you ready to stop "just doing dalies" and start earning Recognition, Honor, Respect, and Fame for your Fleet?

Contact me here, at, or at either Facebook page: Sicarius Expeditionary Force, or Nathan Kross. Let's get signed up, and ready to PvP for real.

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