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07-24-2010, 07:07 AM
Originally Posted by Ashter
So to sum this up. . .A PvE'r rolled a PvP toon, knowing it was a PvP toon. . .discovered that said PvP toon was meant for PvP instead of PvE and is now complaining because they want the PvP toon transformed into a PvE toon. . .is that about right?

Currently right now low level PvP is dead for the Klingon's, so we were given explorer missions. Hard to level a PvP toon when there's no PvP to be had. Now that the Federation had same faction PvP that part of PvP has also been taken from the Klingon's, so now we are asking for PvE missions so we can actually have faster way then long drawn out Explorer missions with little XP to level.

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