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07-25-2010, 02:37 PM
I have no issue with most of the items and pricing in the C-Store.

Uniforms: I think they are reasonably priced. I have bought the ones that I wanted, and think that they should continue to add more.

Bridge Packs: I think the pricing is reasonable for these, as well, and hope that they will continue to put these out. I have purchased all of these, except for the Miranda pack. I think offering more bridges is a good step towards allowing us to customize our ships. It may also be helpful to give some more variation in the packs, other than just color and lighting. A couple of the packs offer different stations or onsoles, but not many. Mostly it is a carpet and lighting change. I would like to see some additional options for the bridges, like assigning stations for your BOs (but that is for another thread).

Emotes: This is one of the places that I think it's a waste. The emotes definitely should just be free, in-game. If they are going to sell them, I would suggest bundling them all together for one price. Again, the price would have to be extremely low. I would likely not purchase any of the emotes, no matter the pricing.

Playable Races: I think the pricing is reasonable. I believe we should also see some new playable races released for free, but I have no issue with these in the C-Store. I got the ones that I wanted, and left the rest. I too think that if you purchase a race, their features/traits should be added to the alien-builder. I think it should also automatically unlock the ability to use these races as Bridge Officers.

Ship Costumes
: I'm not really sure why the Imperial Class is so much more than the others, but other than that, I think that the ship costumes are priced ok. I would like to see quite a few additional variants for Klingons, in-game, before we continue to add more costumes for the Federation.

New Ships: I understand why the Galaxy-X is so much, and I can agree with it staying that price. The TOS Constitution did seem a bit high. I'm hoping that this is considered, when pricing the Excelsior, and other ships that are added to the C-Store. I like the idea that someone voiced earlier, about making the ships scale based on your level. For that, I could see almost 800 points.

Ship Slots/BO Slots: I agree with most, that these should be per account unlocks, and are a good bit overpriced for per toon. I'm not really sure what the logic was with the pricing on these. They are way off base with the pricing of other C-Store items.

Uniform Slots: I think this was the right move, to make these per account.

Captain Rename/Retrain: I think that both of these are at good prices. The retrain is set at a price that should hopefully discourage constant respecs.

Additional Toon Slot: I think the pricing for these is good, and a deal if you choose the 4 slot over the 2.

Tribbles/Targ: I would say the Tribble is probably a good price. The Targ, should likely be closer to 80 CP instead of the 120 it is. I don't have either, so take that for what you want.

NX Registry
: I'd say it's where it needs to be. I was shocked that they didn't ask more for it, but I'm ok with that. At 80 Cryptic points, I would much rather have the registry, than a playable Ferengi!!

Borg Bridge Officers: I think the pricing for these is good. I could see other types of Bridge Officers added to the C-Store, later.

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