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# 1 The End Game
07-27-2010, 02:07 AM
I rarely post on the forums here and wanted to thank cryptic for all their hard work. I look forward to the new content cryptic is promising. What I wish to address is the end game, the options are limited as far as pvp content. The maps are few and somewhat sterile. When I imagined STO before I bought it I thought that the end game would be open-ended like many MMOs today. What I want to ask the devs for is some sandbox space where you can go anywhere, and do anything. An area where players could build starbases, fight, or explore. I thought the genesis engine was going to give us that, instead all we got was a random mission generator which wasn't all that random. I wish we had an expanding area of space where the players dictated control and could fight back & forth. I guess I just wish this MMO had a vast end-game area like EVE. Now I don't play that game, but it's scale is massive and I wish that scale could be brought to this game. Star Trek has that massive scale, but the sector space has cut it up and made it seem small. I think that an expandable free zone would give this game a new dynamic to the end game pvp & pve. Think about fleets building their own starbases and having massive seiges, currently there is nothing to do with our credits at endgame so why not spend it on building stations in the free zone to launch attacks from. The possibilities are endless, I just want to know what other players think of this idea.
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# 2
07-27-2010, 03:12 AM
That would be awesome!

+ It might even be coming depending on how extensive the player generated content is. The game will need a platform for it somewhere. Maybe there could be explorations where the planets you came across are mix of genesis engine and player generated missions.
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# 3 3 Year to see a end game
07-27-2010, 04:02 AM
With UIGC it will take 3 years at there current rate to get to anything near what most people count as end game format. Will take them one year just to work out all the problems with UGC. STO seem to be very short sighted with many things.
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# 4
07-27-2010, 09:58 AM
i personally think that what people class as endgame is very different an varied across the board so trying to complete that ideal is kind of impossible but i can see sto tryin there best. myself i would like to see an endgame that is based around comunity an what we can do with our chars then endless raiding the same old instance and raids that you see in some games.

sto has taken the steps to what i think will end up as an amazing world best game by the time it has been out 2 years, people seem to think for example wow is this massive polished game and that somehow it came out like that. well that just inst the case, wow itself has been slow on content patches, very scared to break there model and its only from activision getting a huge imput into the game if not a controling factor on the game that has seen the changes that is cata but also some of the cut backs in cata.

sto came out the box with a good base game, all the right elements in place an close to no restrictions on what they can put into the game in the future. there is no real lore they can break by adding storys as the bases are covered, there are hundreds of loop holes to run any story they see fit and expand into it. there is also vast areas of space that can be setup easy by the way things have been zoned, yes they can make the map seem small and people do get lost alot at 1st but the thing with how it is now is that they can simply just whack a new sector onto another or add a new sector way off somewhere and drop in a jumpgate to it.

they have the basis also to drop in sandbox areas for us to build in, live in and create our own content. so we should all just sit back and relax and find all the little games an wierd stuff in the game like tribble breedin that most dont even know is there, its finding these little things and not just focusing on what you can blow up that makes this game good, its all the elements coming together right now that will make it great.

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