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# 1 like-to-see BO-options
07-27-2010, 11:09 AM
just a collection of customization-options iŽd like to see:
(some might have been suggested already, so not all my ideas, just my collection)
you might take a look at my two Crew-pics in my signature,
to get a complete before-/after-effect

- setting of a Departement-Color:

beyond the normal color options on individual clothes,
let us choose an over-all Class-Color for each BO.
something like this is already implemented i think,
because shown armors varies in color on different classes.
but let us set this color on our own,
f.e. to give our field-medic the security-color on the armor
(yes on the armor, not on the uniform!)
would be perfekt if the colored-uniform-parts and the glowing effects would be seperated.
(look at the "fake Borg full armor" pic to see the effect)

- Permanent on/off-option of armors:

BO-armors are not shown as soon we enter interiors.
but it would be simply an easy additional customization-option,
f.e. i use the armor to customize my KA-Borg-BO.
or just to imagine our away team as a ready-to-go strike-team.
setting at "off" would be like it is now, not shown at interiors,
but choosable individually per char-overview for away-team-missions.
(f.e. the "fake Borg full armor"-pic, he would appear this way on the bridge)

- please let us choose rank-specific Kit-Visuals for our BOs:

of course only visuals, not affecting the gameplay.
like described at the armors above should have a permanent on/off-option.
(so f.e. we might choose the different LT.Com.-Sci-Kits or lower for the Lt.Com.-Sci-BOs we hold)
examples of BOs: fake BOs


let the kit-visuals be determined by the skills our BOs use,
like each skill has his own kit-optic, some may be grouped to one optic of course.
then f.e. the Ensign-skill determines the look of the left-arm-attachement,
the Lt.-skill determines the look of the right-shoulder attachement and so on.
after that each BO would just need a show / dont show kit option.

it would be very similar to the way kits on player-chars work, just the other way:
while player-kits have a complete optic and determine the player-skills,
the BO-skills would determine the way their kit look like.

- Khitomer Borg-BO:

i know he is meant to be not customizable, so i dont want to ask for too much,
but on away-missions let the armor be shown already makes him far more federation-like!
so i guess the options above of permanent on/off armors and kits would be already enough.

only thing i like to ask for is:
you set up a real nice "armor-fill-up"-effect on his thinner body-parts on the upper-body.
would be awesome if you could complete this effect on the legs too.
that might look like this: fake Borg full armor
this pic already includes the change of the Departement Color.

pls let us choose trousers and boots for him, like we might do for the CStore Borg,
i mean, he is a Borg Scientist, he has to be smart enough to wear trousers...

but if you want to make us feel like a kid on christmas give us a few different implant-options

- Photonic BO:

i really like the idea that his face is not changeable.
but re-programming the emitters for uniform-options should be available.
especially i dont like the idea of my chief-doctor wearing kind of combat-trousers.
so please let us change his uniform.
maybe a new individual sci-kit-visual would be very nice,
just that he dont looks like any human scientist with a kit shown anymore.
this plus the armor/kit options above would be more than enough.
this would be the Doc with my actual uniform: fake Holo-Doc

btw... the Photonic BOs doesnt appear on the bridge yet at all. why?

- Breen-BO:

it would be already enough if we would be allowed to scale his body
and lets say we would have three different colored armor-sets to choose from...

- Ambassador Uniform:

i was very happy to see that we are able to give this to our BOs.
but pls unlock all the colors!
beside some more differences would be nice if you want to set up an Ambassador-Crew,
the jacket could be an awesome higher-rank-officer jacket,
if we would be able to make it fit into our general uniform style.
f.e. like this: fake Amb-uni

- 200 days Veteran Uniform:

i waited to add this until i have it myself. and yes, the gold is some kind of a problem,
because it simply doesnt fit in any crew style, which is just sad at such a nice done uniform!
i think at least that uniform part should get a few different metal-effects,
could be similar or even same to the 8 colors we may choose at badges from.
but of course it would be extremely nice, if "normal" colors would be available too.
f.e. if i would be able to choose a simple black on that parts it would fit perfectly into my crew.

- Ambassador Exchange-Programm-BOs:

of course it would be the most awesome,
if we would be able to combine fed & kling -uniform-parts freely,
but at least a few fed-options should be available to these BOs,
especially Combadges, Rank Pips and Boots!
could look like this: fake-exch-BO (incl unlocked attachments)

- un-link of Rank-Pips to certain uniform-styles:

i would like to be able to choose myself which pips i use.
especially if we mix different tops within the crew,
it would be nice if all might have the same pips.
(like at the "fake-exch-BO" pic)

- general unlock of colors and un-link of costume-pieces:

f.e. any "you are only able to choose B if you have chosen A before"
like orion-arm-attachments only available to bare arms, why not on tight tops?
pls just give us more options to choose from and combine by this,
it would make an huge improvement to our options!
(like at the "fake-exch-BO" pic)


there are a lot of smaller attachements, that are only available to certain species or to genders.
but some of them would fit well to the others too.
so please open up this list of unique attachements to all species,
at least they should be all accessable for AlienGen,
because a lot use Aliens to rebuild their favorite species,
borg parts wouldnt hurt, or lets imagine an Hirogen wearing a Nausicaan Mask as trophy.

- BOs being able to choose Off-Duty:

there are a few reasons why this would be VERY nice to see ingame.
if we mind the RPers out there i guess they would have dozens of ideas
why there is a "civilian" on the ship.
or if any event takes place on the bridge the BOs might be refittet to it.

but there is a pretty simple reason too:
there are more and more Off-Duty-packs in c-store and upcoming,
i think of Mercenary-Outfits or 7of9's/T'Pol's Jumpsuits.
i would prefer to see them on my Away Team or one of my female BOs.
my small male alien char would look pretty weird with them.

- Assigning BOs to certain (visual) stations on bridge:

since this a topic all over the forums i finally decided to add it too.
as far as i understood it yet the (visual) stations on the bridge have an order,
which is locked to the time our BOs are assigned to our crews.
f.e. the tactical BO longest time in our crew takes place as our XO on the seat beside us.
if it is really that difficult to let us assign every BO to every station freely,
it could be a nice start at least if we would be able to rearrange our BOs in our overview
and lock the order of stations to the overview-list.

Fazit: at least i believe that most of these small options wouldnt need much work to do,
but would grant really nice new options making a big difference.

- Additional Extra:

this is more general than just BO-options,
but since it is very related to i add it here:

first of all: pls let us load Fleet Uniforms for BOs!
it is pretty annoying if we use Fleet Uniforms with our player chars,
but have to rebuild the uniform for every single BO.

moreover: pls let us upload prepared Uniform-Sets including unlock-items.
if someone trys to load even he hasnt unlocked them, the parts are simply replaced by first option available.
(exactly like it happen actually!)

f.e. my fleet: we have a fleet uniform we all like and want to use it.
but everyone has to rebuild unloackable uniforms himself,
which ends in different versions again, so it would be nice if we might upload them prepared too.

actually i was able to prepare an official event uniform, a duty uniform and an away team version.
but i'd like to be able to add the admirals version, making diffs between higher and lower ranked BOs,
a version for the away team leader BO, a councellour uniform and prepare optional female sets with skirts.

beyond the BO-options ive suggested above:

- opened / closed Jackets:

i add this because of the actual poll.
an open jacket version is no new uniform,
it should be not more than an option.
step by step this might be added to any uniform with a zip!

- Undershirts and Vests:

in addition to open jackets Undershirts and Vests
would be the next reasonable step.

- Trousers inside / outside of Boots -option:

some boots are actually not usable to certain trousers,
because the mix causes clipping-effects.
i dont know is this would have to include some automatic scaling of the boots,
but it would be a nice option.

at last i would please you to turn off the "wind" in the tailor window,
its nicer to take screenshots for crew-pics in the general overview,
because you zoom only once for all there,
but the belt-attachements "going wild" screws it up.


your Colo

PS: if you like these pls take a further look at the ideas linked in my signature

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