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I have seen that when interacting with computers on away missions , the character is almost every time only interacting with air... or missing the computer console and typing in the air..

This is equally important to fix like the warping thru planets problem that was fixed.

Also the possibility to walk through people and closed doors in the new bridge places should also be fixed ASAP.

The door should stop the character until it is open so much that it is possible to slip thru ,
also the crew members working should not be possible to walk right thru .

This problems makes the game feel very unnatural and it destroys the feeling of the game.
I can not convince my friends to play the game with this problems, because NO game I have ever played on a computer in all my life have ever had the this basic problems.

What if you could walk thru cars and people in GTA?

Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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07-27-2010, 02:49 PM
The problem with "interacting with air" is due to static character animations, I suspect in order to get perfect-looking contact with interactive consoles they'd have to completely overhaul the character animation system in the engine, which while not a Bad Idea due to how much better things would look afterwards, is a Bad Idea simply due to how much work would likely be involved. You think it looks weird now? Create an alien character that's only 4'6" and try interacting with anything.

As for the closed doors, if you look at the map, those doors don't actually lead anywhere. Bit disappointing but it's a completely new feature (at least as far as Holodeck is concerned) so if they actually have any plans on doing anything with them besides being there just for looks, yeah I suspect that'll also take quite a bit of time. At least that's doable though.

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