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07-28-2010, 02:48 AM
Bought the Defiant.

Fairly obvious they were trying to do something 'new' but the old Defiant bridge feels much better. It actually FEELS like the Bridge of a warship.

The current one suffers trying to be fancy, I really dislike the standalone standing station behind the Captain's chair. I would have liked it better if it was rotated 90 degrees thus a captan has the schematic of the Defiant at his back.
Better for a screenshot and allows the Captain to literally swing the chair around and see damage to the ship. Essentially being the same as the Prometheus Bridge where the wall behind the chair shows the layout of the vessel.

Intrepid - Looks absolutly stupid from what I have seen. Fortunatly I dont fly one, even if I did I would never use this Bridge

Galaxy - Very nice, almost a shame I dont fly these or justify having that kind of bridge on a Defiant. I would certainly have liked a Defiant bridge that tried to include the forward Ops station in front of the captain and the rear standing station behind.

As it is the Defiant bridge is big but the Captain chair is rather close to the viewscreen with no station in between. However, Cryptic's 'creative' spurts' have been woefully poor when it comes to the ground side of things so expecting anything was pointless.
I wont hold my breath for any improvements in ground scaling , levels to improve anytime soon either.

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