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I hope its not an attempt to distance the game away from the Fed/KDF war. Many of us still look forward to the possibility of a meaningful PvP war experience against the Feds.

I'd like to see the Klingon conflicts being multi-faceted and well fleshed out. I'd like to see a RvR/territory capture PvP war against the Feds. But lets not stop there, we cant ignore the significance of the Great Houses for the KDF.

I'd like to see a few KDF House sub-factions fleshed out, where KDF players pledge themselves to one of several Houses and compete in House vs House conflicts for control of terrirtory captured through the Fed vs KDF war. But it could also include territories control House conflicts outside of the Fed vs KDF war areas(far side of the Beta Quad).

This still leaves pleanty of PvE conflicts with our nemesis and with the Borg...and whoever the hell else they want to put in fron of our cross hairs.

With all that conflict, its still essential we get PvE content that allows us to explore the Klingon experience outside of the would be nice to venture into the social and culture experiences of a Klingon.
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07-27-2010, 05:54 AM
Yes. I hope its not a diversion as well.
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07-27-2010, 06:06 AM
Agreed on all accounts, and wonderful ideas, at that. It would be fun to be able to pledge my Klingon character to a particular House-- it makes a lot of canon and thematic sense. Who says the PVP Territory control needs to be solely Federation Vs Klingon-- some engaging inter-House warfare would be a huge boost to the KDF gameplay experience and would provide a unique style of play that the Federation does not have.

It would definitely draw more people to the KDF side, and add some meat to the idea that Klingons are a "PVP Faction".
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07-28-2010, 08:05 AM
I think the new enemy content will grow but be PvE for the lower tiers. Who knows, many there will be a story line of us capturing them and then be a playable character/ships.

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