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I enjoy the ground combat (rare, I know!) and more importantly I enjoy using my Bat'leth as my KDF. Unfortunately the mechanics can be rather frustrating at times especially when people are running away all the time.

The way the Bat'leth works means anyone engaged in melee combat who isn't using melee weapons is going to try and run away. Now that in itself isn't a problem. The problem lies with the way the Bat'leth and melee in general mechanics work.

At a very close range but not close enough to make contact the player will perform a short dash towards the target in order to hit them. However the issue is if the target it still moving you never actually land a blow on them and as such you end up performing a very good impression of 'rubber banding'. This is SERIOUSLY annoying and generally amazes me why its even in the game.

This is simply a mechanic that needs removal if melee is to work properly. There is no reason as to why it should be in a game like this to start with so please Cryptic, get it moved!

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