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07-29-2010, 10:55 AM
With Tribble, they knew about the problem a few days or weeks before and could start working on a fix then. It might not make it into the first release of the big update, but the fix will be in the works already.

If they hadn't had Tribble, a lot of these problems would have only hit us on Holodeck. And then it would take 3 weeks instead of 1 week to wait for the pach.

Or alternatively, we could have waited 3 or more weeks for a release, where everything was fixed (assuming that no errors only showed on Life). Which means you still would grind pointless badges for 3 weeks, and wouldn't get any new content at all to play with, and people are complaining about Cryptic once again failing to stay on schedule.

I've levelled my Engineer to Vice Admiiral the last 2 days. I had only one problem - I couldn't play teamed in B'Tran. I did notice a flaw in one of the missions - part of it didn't scale with the nmber of players. The first was annyoing, the second was irrelevant.

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