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07-29-2010, 09:13 AM
Originally Posted by PrincessKatrina View Post
Only thing I can say is go look at this thread here
The above thread is only for ship model suggestions. The dev that posted it is the lead ship designer. I doubt he can do much as far as gameplay issues, other than pass the info/feedback along.
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07-30-2010, 04:01 AM
Apart from the PvP-part... does anyone else have problems with the new PvE-quests that have been added with Season 2?

I started at level 10 with the first two episodes.

First episode
I was on a team with a friend and we were doing rather good I suppose. The quest went on until the point where you have to kill that Romulan leader with the grandson (or whatever it is) of the Martok-Lady. We killed all the Romulans and the grandson was killed (which is a part of the quest, so no worries at this point) eventually. The problem we then had was, that we didn't get a quest-update. The system still told us to kill the Romulan leader, even though his corpse lay right in front of us. We then turned off the game and I tried it again this morning without my fellow friend and it worked. Then he tried it again (also alone) and it seems the bug it still bothering him.

Anyway, I then continued to play until the second story mission.

Second Episode
Without a team, again. The quest went on well until I had to beam down to the bad-guy's base to kill his fellows and supporters (and a few Romulan traitors). However, I killed them all, the quest then said "Gather evidence" (or something like that). I went straight to the point marked on the map to be the location where the evidence can be found. It was a Romulan container which I had to examine. I clocked the button, a message window appeared, then disappeared around a second later without me doing anything, the container beamed up (even though I wanted to read the text, first) and the quest did not continue from this point on. It still said "Gather evidence", although it ought have updated. I then read my communications log and found out that the next step had something to do with the leader of the enemy house... I killed him to see whether the quest refreshes after it or something but without any success.

It's a bit annoying to play two of the new episodes and not being able to finish one of them at the first attempt.

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