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12-09-2008, 06:27 AM
Originally Posted by Voorhees View Post
Please keep up the good work. I love deep story driven content. I love City of heroes, but what made me mad about that game is the immersion. No offense to Cryptic. I hated the cookie cutter missions. Can you please just make sure all missions and quest is hand done and not generated by a quest generator that some of these games uses.
I agree -- hate 'cookie-cutter' content, and love immersion.

The Episode Mission system sounds intriguing and I hope it is successful. It is good to hear from the writer that they are thinking out-side the box and looking to make STO, a Trek experience, rather than just an MMO with a ST skin.

One thing I am hoping to see fleshed out in the Writing style, is that the Klingons are also written in an 'out-of-the-box' style, rather than just being the 'violent mongol villains'. In an old flight sim game, 'Tie Fighter', the instruction book gave a Background perspective of the SW Empire from the view of a loyal subject -- really painting the SW Alliance as terrorists and Insurgents -- instead of the 'good guy/heroes' image seen in the Films.

I love different perspective Writing, and I hope that STO will not be solely written from a Federation/Star Fleet perspective -- where the Klingons are framed from the View of Starfleet.

Looking forward to the time line episodes as the unfold. Thank you for the interview.

~ Cheers

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