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Mission is called: Hovtay' Doq qul Doq bIng HutmaH Hut

This is the one where you enter an area of space that looks exactly the same as many of the others, you approach a station, and up pops a dialogue box.

In this particular dialogue box, an alien person tells you that the Borg have attacked and everyone is dead, and then there is an option to beam down to the station. When I click on this option, the dialogue closes and I do not beam down but simply remain where I am with my ship.

Flying away from the station and returning doesn't help. Logging out and back in doesn't even do anything. Returning to sector space and then clicking on the "continue mission" box doesn't even work. However when I am in the mission and click on the icon to return to sector space I am told the mission is complete.

Uh... whut?


okay, after posting the original message, I tried the mission again, and something even odder happened. This time, when I clicked on "beam to station" instead of beaming down my ship warped off to some other place. The map tells me I am in System OB-291. I get a dialogue box showing my tactical officer who says something about engaging Federation ships in battle. Then another dialogue box pops up and a Federation character (some Tellarite) speaks to me about protecting the area. What's odd is the way he is speaking to me. He seems to think I am a member of Starfleet as I am told to protect this Federation area and there are more Federation ships who will be able to help me or provide support or something like that. I'm thinking to myself, "this is odd, I'm a Klingon, shouldn't he be telling me to go away and get out of his territory?"

It gets odder. I flew onwards, and noticed the Mission Tracker at the side which told me I had to defeat 5 enemy squadrons - the number read "0/5". I flew on for a bit, and after a few moments the numbers changed to "2/5" even though I hadn't battled any ships or even SEEN any ships. I continued on course and noticed that the number of ship I had apparently "defeated" went up every time I flew past a large rock.

Once I had flown past all the rocks the dialogue box with the Tellarite reappeared and I was told "good work, the area is secure" and so on. My mission was complete and I returned to sector space.

Thats uh. A pretty amazing bug. XD
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07-30-2010, 08:11 PM
Heh, would've been awesome if you were dumped into Federation sector space.
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07-31-2010, 05:40 AM
I gave up on the nebula completely. I find so many of the missions are bugged or a mess. They are clearly only half implemented at best.

I also have no desire to strain my eyesin the darkness to spot an object I would be able to scan for as a fed. This aspect of Klingon gameplay sucks in the extreme and I am sorely disappointed.

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