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07-31-2010, 03:31 AM
Originally Posted by mkenneally View Post
Can you please describe this camera bug in further detail? What are you referring to when you say that it was stuck in "move" mode? Was it spinning around in circles? What camera mode were you in? Auto-Target? Free Camera? And have you only experienced it in PvP? Thanks ahead of time for any information you can provide.
I think that if you're holding down the right mouse button when you finally get into your PvP match (this is a bit of a guess based on my own experience), it means that when you're in the PvP match trying to adjust your ship view (with the right mouse button) it gets stuck in that mode. So you lose the mouse pointer, can't click on anything and can only get out of it by pressing escape.

Before S2 you could never get a situation where you were changing ship view at the point when you entered the PvP match because the "join match" button on the queue pop would instantly take you in. Now that it waits, it happens. This is assuming my initial assumption is correct - I had it once where I was definitely doing what I describe, and the next time I didn't touch anything whilst the queue was checking if it could throw us all into the match and didn't have the problem.
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07-31-2010, 04:00 AM
Originally Posted by Nyrus Pars
There is no good way to set up a Q pvp system. Give us world pvp. seriously.
Give us a sector to control. Like in FoM mmo. Lot colonies and need to get military activity to make proceed to final battle. If someone wins the FB, it get 48h immunity to capture.

Or something like this
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07-31-2010, 09:17 AM
So far all matches ive entered have been even except for Capture and hold and we all know why that is..I do see a distinct lack of klingons now.So far ive never entered a round where im all alone against a horde of enemies.I prefer the queue drops when not enough people join TBH.Queue system works for ********.Then again theyve got MILLIONS of players.

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