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07-19-2010, 03:34 AM
I played some of the stuff on tribble, or at least I tried.
The major Klingon patch it was called is not what it was advertised. 8 missions diverted over the tiers, thats it. Then a fleet action I couldn't get to and still buged exploration content.

No, Season 2 is not the great updated we hoped for, Cryptic again made more content for the Feds and gave us a bare bone.
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Originally Posted by MisterMiracle View Post
There are no Tier 6 ships in game.

They added some more Tier 5 ships that are the same power level as the previous T5 ships. On Fed side, all three of those new ships are 'refits'. Basically that means its got the exterior of a T3 or 4 ship, but the power of a T5. Klingon side got one completely new ship, a carrier, which is a completely new design.

Of course, Klingons are all complaining about the fact that they only got one ship. Feds are complaining that all of their new ships are just reskins.

So pick your complaint.
Quiet frankly there is no Klingon ship of any class that looks like an anemic puffer-fish!
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08-01-2010, 09:09 AM
The Kar'Fi is not supposed to be a klingon ship, it's a captured design by the Fek'lhir. So really complaining that it doesn't look like a klingon ship is a non-issue.

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