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# 1 Ground PvP graphic problems
08-01-2010, 07:13 PM
Every graphical problem is captured in the first two minutes of this video I made:

(1) The tactical debuffs don't show up on my cat the first minute (suppressing fire does not appear on me but I am significantly slowed down). Tachyon beam never shows up during the first minute that I keep using it repeatedly. Opponent's expose animation does not appear at 1:23 however expose state is indicated by flashing exploit icons on my power tray.
(2) The plasma fire (both on the ground and on my body) shows up sometimes and disappears other times, such as 1:08 and 4:58
(3) Sniper rifle bug forced me to quit the match at 1:37, and I can't move. HAHA real fun after waiting hours for the game to start.
(4) When I switch weapons around 0:32, my rifle is being held in the full auto assault pose instead of the rifle pose
(5) Attacks from Security Escorts forced me to turn to face them but they were not my target, at 1:00
(6) My knock back shield graphical effect does not always show up, such as 0:45 and 1:40
(7) Tachyon beam does not always show up, such as in 1:23, 2:30 and 3:10
(8) Tactical officer lunges towards me at 3:35 but his legs don't move
(9) Opponent is unnecessarily glowing red at 3:32, and also in another match at 5:30
(10) Dampening field shows up and disappears at 4:52 when I use it
(11) At 6:40, my basic pounce animation activates at the same time I am attacked with stasis field and a knock back, causing an odd combination of the three animations
(12) There is a turret floating above the ground in 6:50 (look beneath the canopy)

I have an Nvidia GTS 240 graphics card.

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