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08-02-2010, 10:19 PM
So, question for the dev's out there or anyone else who can shed light on it. Why, when you separate, do you control the hull portion of the ship? As the captain, you should be on the bridge, which is in the saucer section. Just curious, and I think it would be pretty cool to fly around in the saucer section (perhaps get the option to switch?). Perhaps when equipping the ship, 2 fore and 2 aft weapon slots are labeled as Saucer Section weapons, so that when you separate you only get access to those?

Second question: When you separate, your crew goes to 100, which is fine, since a lot of the crew would be in the saucer, I imagine. Why, then, when you couple together, do you not get most of those back? Did they forget to build in a door so when it separates everyone gets sucked out of the saucer section? That seems like a pretty serious design flaw. Just sayin, seems like starfleet dropped the ball on that feature.

Totally unrelated question: Since the saucer separation system does work, can we expect to see multi-vector assault modes for Prometheus classes and such?

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